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  1. amermuscle15

    ps2,ps3 games and other misc

    PS3 games- Nba 2k7, NBA 07, Warhawk- Cases and games are mint to near mint. 35$ each plus shipping will deal if you buy more then 1. I also have Resistence Fall of man..only problem is dog tore case apart but game is mint. 25$ plus shipping OBO PS2 games- Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 Gran Turismo 4 SmackDown Just Bring it Grand Theft Auto 3 Guitar Hero (Guitar is also available for extra) Black Madden 2002 Grand Theft Auto Vice City Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets 007 Nightfire Silent Scope Bass Strike Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Juiced I might also have Guitar Hero 2 laying around if anybody is interested I'll try to find it. PM me with what game you would like and I'll give you a price. I'm not gonna list specific prices because I'll deal if you buy more then 1 Also with the PS2 I have a MadCatz 8mb Memory Card...can buy it seperate for 5$ or I'll throw it in if you buy the ps2...Its see-threw blue if anybody is wondering. Pics of individual items available upon request. Im not gonna post pics of every game.
  2. amermuscle15

    ps2,ps3 games and other misc

    I'll list the games when I get home along with pics and I'll take 35$ plus shipping for the ps2 or 45$ for ps2 and online adapter
  3. amermuscle15

    ps2,ps3 games and other misc

    TTT....got a ps2 also with the online adaptor...from what I've heard they stopped making the adaptors and are gonna get harder to find. I will list all the games and take pics later today when I pick up my camera
  4. Im currently having a hard time finding work so I need $$ badly. So heres what I got. PS2 games- Not gonna list them all but if you're looking for something let me know and I'll take a look. 10-20$ depending on game and condition... PS3 games- NBA 2k7 and NBA 07...only played 2k7 1 time and about dozen on the 07... have cases and everything. Looking for 35$...paid 60$ for each will let both go for 60$ plus shipping I think I also have a gameboy with optional light and a few games...keeps young kids entertained for hours. 20$ for gameboy and light or 50$ and I'll give ya every game and accessory I can find. Stock radio to a 2000 GMC Jimmy..don't know if anybody needs one but thought I would throw it out there...25$ I can get pics of anything and have references from a few sites (all caraudio). Everything on the list is OBO I really need the $$$ so don't be afriad to throw out an offer. My Email is audioholic1@excite.com...
  5. amermuscle15

    2003 Dodge Stratus power wire

    Thanks guys...its not my car its a friends...This is one of the reasons I'll stick with chevy or pontiac ....But it does have that lil plastic foot rest thing so I'll have to take a look at that..and I looked for the stock wiring but was having a hard time reaching ne thing...I got big hands so hard to get into them lil areas...But I appreciate the tips thanks
  6. amermuscle15

    2003 Dodge Stratus power wire

    Its on the drivers side but not in the bumper...the battery is easy to get to but the thing is under neath the carpet is that rubber mat crap that is everywhere and its being held on by the gas peddle and all that stuff and im not about to disconnect all that to get behind that stuff. Also, the wheel wells come up to the engine so the engine basically is sitting in like a lil craddle....not much room to play with thats why im afraid to just drill right through. I mean if worst comes to worst I'll start with some small holes and see where I end up. But if someone knows of a good spot to drill or a grommet somewhere that would help greatly.
  7. Im looking for a spot to run the main power wire in a 2003 Dodge stratus 2door.....I don't really see any grommets and Im afraid to drill without knowing where its gonna end up...Sorry if this is in the wrong section couldn't really decide which one to put it in....So if anybody has done an install in one of these and could give me a hint or a good spot I would appreciate it. THanks
  8. amermuscle15

    Road Quake Audio & Accessories

    I go there every weekend just to see if they got any new stuff. Asked a few times for them to see about some prices on some subs and taillights and they never did. Would take them minutes to look it up but the just end up walking away...
  9. I need a 4ch amp today. Got a new frontstage and need a new amp. Need something around 100-150x4 @4ohms. Got about 250-300$ to spend. I also have a PG sub (12" dont know the exact name or model). I also have a Monitor1 2.70 that I could put towards the deal.
  10. amermuscle15

    About 100 CDs for sale.....buy them

    I'll take the KMK and white zombie cd's...let me know how much and send some pics to c15paintball@excite.com
  11. amermuscle15

    WTB 2000+ watt amp

    American Bass 75.1 needs a new paintjob but powerhouse amp. Has voltage mod...
  12. amermuscle15

    type r 12" dual 4 x2

    I have one New in Box
  13. amermuscle15

    New Type R for 4ch

    Because do you realize how much BB is overpriced...he would be paying more there then he would be if he traded it...... He said he will add a little cash
  14. My cousin is looking to trade his 12" Alpine Type R D4 05 model sub for a 4ch amp that does around 100x4@4ohms. The sub will be taken back to Best Buy and you will recieve a brand new in the box sub. Also, if the sub breaks within 3 years you can send it back to him and he will replace it for free you just pay shipping.