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  1. Lakota

    Alan Dante pics

    I've seen pics of some of his older setups on Termpro. Most of what I seen didn't look all that special, just well tuned.
  2. Lakota

    My first meter readings

    Ext cab trucks tend to hate metering sealed on the dash, unless your frequency is really high.
  3. Lakota

    HDC3 fail

    Oh yeah, and in my testing, the hdc3 was much louder than the hd3. Even my Type R walked all over the hd3.
  4. Lakota

    HDC3 fail

    I've drank beer with TK many of times
  5. Lakota

    Box resin??

    You're probably wasting your time if you're just trying to smooth out the inside of the box.
  6. It's not uncommon for voltage to go over a bit over 15V when it's cold outside.
  7. Lakota

    Fi BTL 15 vs. AQ HDC3 15??

    BTL, hands down.
  8. Lakota

    Mark LaFountain's SPL Build

    A large port lowers port velocity. Generally, a lot of port area is good for SPL.
  9. Lakota

    Mark LaFountain's SPL Build

    Honestly, that may be too much port.
  10. Lakota

    Truck Bass

    Trucks are much better suited for a SPL environment. Cars are generally better suited for SQ. The only good SQ trucks that I've seen were heavily modded.
  11. Lakota

    Truck Bass

    Trucks aren't loud? Haha, yeah right.
  12. Lakota

    Best 6x9's You've heard?

  13. Lakota

    i need some SPL and little SQ

    8kW is probably a little much for you bro. Louisiana CRX is always going to recommend DD.