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  1. Usually the speakers itself is 2 ohms. Infinity kappas are a good example if this
  2. Is that at 14.8v? I hear these amps only do rated at 16v
  3. Anyone has any experience with Lanzar OPTI3201D I looked at the prices for this amp (around $350) Made me wonder if this camp lives up to its specs. 3,200 Watts RMS Power @ 0.5 ohms Can it actually do this or is it overrated?
  4. orphe

    Extremely low voltage

    Will that new ALT be coming with an internal or external regulator?
  5. orphe

    Extremely low voltage

    before you get that ALT try an external voltage regulator. Your Car's PCM may be controlling the voltage and keeping it maxed out at 12v. *****(When you bypass the internal or take it out all together the battery light will come on. this is OK.)*****
  6. orphe

    High End AGM

    HA! no one said optima!
  7. nope around 13.8 to 14 also should I replace the back battery as well?
  8. I lucked up and looked under my hood last night and saw my optima yellowtop leaking. I thought these thing were not suppose to leak. Glad this was on under the hood and not inside. But what caused this to happen? Also how can it be prevented? Was it overcharged? Im at such a loss on this. Can someone shed some light on this subject?
  9. I thought my speaker was blown so I took it out and saw that the spider tore very close to the ring. can this be fixed out will it be best to just get a new one?
  10. orphe

    jeep guys come this way

    egay. I didnt know better at the time. But on the bright side it is actually holding up pretty well
  11. I have an infinity kappa component set but I want to change out the crossovers. Any suggestions?
  12. orphe

    jeep guys come this way

    2 memphis mojo's (2008) in a 2.5 cubic box tuned around 33 - 35 hz powered by a hifonics bruits 1600 Infinity Kappa 680.9cs in all 4 doors powered my a kicker 400.4 amp big3 and HOA yellowtop undser the hood and 2 Kinetic 800 in the back
  13. orphe

    jeep guys come this way

    I drive a jeep Grand Cherokee Had a 2002 (329k mi) and now I got a 2007 1st things 1st... UPGRADE that electrical. Your gonna need it. is that 1500 total or RMS?
  14. Long story short I got a set of component speakers and was thinking of where to mount the tweeters on the rear door. I already have a set on the front doors and that thinking where would be an ideal place to mount the tweets for the rear doors. Not just for me but for the passenger's listening experience as well. I was thinking about the following locations. Where do you think would be the most ideal place?