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  1. phildapimp89

    Is JL w7 that bad?

    Most of the self proclaimed "audophiles" on this forum will in fact tell you the W7 is crap because they are going through a form of post decision dissonance on the products they bought themselves. It's just like when some chump buys a BMW and starts to berate and insult the competition (Lexus, Audi). There's little to no logic to this, aside from reinforcing his purchase. It's all cognitive dissonance. I first realized this after I bought an IS-F and I went to look on Youtube for some racing videos. What did I come across? BMW idiots ripping on Lexus. Lexus idiots ripping on BMW. Mercedes idiots ripping on BMW. The occasional Corvette hick ripping on all of the above. The best is the Nissan GT-R goons that rip on FERRARI's. You have the pound for pound speed idiots trying to compare an efficient Japense car to an exotic Italian supercar. Blah blah and so on... So what's my point? ---It's all subjective.--- In the end, if you are happy with the performance of your product, that is all that matters. Comparison shopping is for people with far too much time on their hands. People don't realize that their time is usually more valuable than the time they waste searching for the "ultimate, pound for pound, best product."
  2. I've heard a few bad storys about it as well but I think it's worth it. Rocks kick up on the front all the time, I've seen so many IS250s/350s with rock chips on the front end, mine is immaculate as of now. Plus, it can always be removed.
  3. Some salt compound I'm not sure. The car will be sitting in the garage in the winter since I'll be at school. I'm looking into that Klasse Sealant, I've read good reviews. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Just bought an Ultrasonic Blue 2008 Lexus IS-F. The car is immactulate and has no paint damage whatsoever. It has a clear bra on the front, but it's constantly under sun exposure during the summer, since our garage is full. Do you think leaving it out in the sun (Chicago, Illinois) is going to do some damage to the paint? I don't want to put a cover on the car and look like a jackass, but I want to keep this car as nice as possible considering its the first car I ever bought.
  5. phildapimp89

    Mark Potts is now......

    Mark made me a box for my AA 15" Atlas 2 years ago, and it was probably the best setup I ever had. I paid him, he made it, and dropped it off at my house. I must have missed the scamming spree or whatever, or like many things on these forums it could be blown out of proportion, who knows. I did it the smart way though. Just to make sure it was not a scam I logged in Paypal with a different IP address. If he would have scammed I would have just claimed an unauthorized transaction so they reimburse me, since Paypal is a scam within itself(if you file the other claim, they will not even reimburse you if the money is not in their account) So do not give me shit about fraud, because Paypal is an unethical company. (And on a technical note, I would not "authorize" a transaction anyhow if it was a scam.) If you paid with cash/check/MO... Well your fault for taking the stupid risk. Mark had a good reputation when I bought with him, but even I had the brains to realize you do not send money to a person if they have the chance to run away with it. Hell I was 16 years old at the time too and knew better than most of the people complaining. I'm not saying that you are wrong for complaining, but you could have avoided the situation. FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO TAKE ACTION However I do know that since many of you have complaints, if you file multiple complaints with the Illinois State Police, they will contact him and with more than 1 complaint they WILL take action. One complaint will get him a phone call, and records will be submitted to the court. Multiple complaints, they will nab him. Trust me, the police here take fraud seriously. They will not accept his equivocations nor his little TOS statement.
  6. phildapimp89

    Urgent!!!!!!!!! Urgent!!!!!!!!!!

    This is probably some old poster here just being a jagoff and making a new username for shits and giggles.
  7. Very nice, just do not rattle your brain retarded. I'm sure your neighbors are excited to see that project.
  8. phildapimp89

    Jeeper07 feedback!

    Yeah well I bought or sold something to you and it went smooth lol, just don't remember what. God my memory is bad.
  9. phildapimp89

    Do Not Buy From Tuckerbucket!!!!

    If he does a chargeback Paypal will eat the expense and he will be refunded. Otherwise, you are correct.
  10. phildapimp89

    Do Not Buy From Tuckerbucket!!!!

    If u paid with a Visa/Mastercard call up ur CC company and do a chargeback. Otherwise file a claim with Paypal. You'll get ur $$ back. once a claim is opened his account is locked so he cannot withdraw the cash.
  11. phildapimp89

    What are the average gas prices in your area now?

    3.20 for regular (5 bucks some retarded dork posts "omfg this thread is years old")
  12. phildapimp89

    Raisedin305 - Scammer

    WTF? What kind of white trash makes a scam for $30 lol... Sadness.
  13. phildapimp89


    Ur a nobody. You guys jump on every little thing he says, questioning every detail he makes. Who cares what age he was? I honestly do not know why they question him. His boxes put up good numbers, the sole reason I bought mine. Mine never came apart, my box was sturdy, looked clean. I did not give a crap what the inside looked like.... If you do you have problems.... Mine was built with mdf though, so I cannot argue with the particle board crap... If you look at it in a whole though, are these guys not freaking losers? They are debating over the type of wood used in an enclosure for subwoofers... Mark has a reason to debate because he runs a business based on these decisions. I say leave him alone? If his customers run into problems with particle board enclosures then he will deal with it. It honestly is none of their business. He simply put a pic up and wanted to know what people thought of it. Looks pretty professional if you ask me. I defend him because my father runs a business heavily reliant on the internet, and has had trouble with little cyber dorks ganging up causing crap they do not have to cause. And WE ALL KNOW that if some amateur boxbuilder posted a pic up of that, people would not be questioning every single detail about the box like they have in Marks thread. Do not bother quoting me. I will not read this thread again, so read it as you wish. If somebody does quote this, shows how much of a jackass they really are :-P
  14. phildapimp89

    Super Street 5+

    Professionals should know how to spell the word professional.
  15. phildapimp89

    18" RE Audio XXX Pictures

    That thing looks pretty sweet. Not worth the $ though, guaranteed :P