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  1. phildapimp89

    Is JL w7 that bad?

    Most of the self proclaimed "audophiles" on this forum will in fact tell you the W7 is crap because they are going through a form of post decision dissonance on the products they bought themselves. It's just like when some chump buys a BMW and starts to berate and insult the competition (Lexus, Audi). There's little to no logic to this, aside from reinforcing his purchase. It's all cognitive dissonance. I first realized this after I bought an IS-F and I went to look on Youtube for some racing videos. What did I come across? BMW idiots ripping on Lexus. Lexus idiots ripping on BMW. Mercedes idiots ripping on BMW. The occasional Corvette hick ripping on all of the above. The best is the Nissan GT-R goons that rip on FERRARI's. You have the pound for pound speed idiots trying to compare an efficient Japense car to an exotic Italian supercar. Blah blah and so on... So what's my point? ---It's all subjective.--- In the end, if you are happy with the performance of your product, that is all that matters. Comparison shopping is for people with far too much time on their hands. People don't realize that their time is usually more valuable than the time they waste searching for the "ultimate, pound for pound, best product."
  2. I've heard a few bad storys about it as well but I think it's worth it. Rocks kick up on the front all the time, I've seen so many IS250s/350s with rock chips on the front end, mine is immaculate as of now. Plus, it can always be removed.
  3. Some salt compound I'm not sure. The car will be sitting in the garage in the winter since I'll be at school. I'm looking into that Klasse Sealant, I've read good reviews. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Just bought an Ultrasonic Blue 2008 Lexus IS-F. The car is immactulate and has no paint damage whatsoever. It has a clear bra on the front, but it's constantly under sun exposure during the summer, since our garage is full. Do you think leaving it out in the sun (Chicago, Illinois) is going to do some damage to the paint? I don't want to put a cover on the car and look like a jackass, but I want to keep this car as nice as possible considering its the first car I ever bought.
  5. phildapimp89

    Drop in speakers

    Anybody know some good cheap(er) drop in speakers that will not require a seperate amp for more power? I just want to place the stock door speakers in my mom's Integra with some decent speakers. The stock speakers put out -0- midbass. I was thinking maybe the lowest line of Cadence speakers. I good grab a set of those for like $30.
  6. Its all a waste of money and crap. Theres rarely any markdowns on computers/car audio equipment. Ok deals on watches and cologne but everything else is just crap and overppriced. Its definitely not a SALE like they advertise.
  7. phildapimp89

    Cheap cadence coaxs

    http://cgi.ebay.com/CADENCE-ZXN-52-NEODYMIUM-COAXIAL-SPEAKER-SYSTEM_W0QQitemZ5842680051QQcategoryZ14941QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Anybody had any experience with these? I know their higher end speakers are greattt speakers but what about those bad boys? I'm just looking for something to throw in another Integra to replace the CRAP stock speakers. My Ipod earpieces put out more bass than they do. *I know the auctions ended, but I personally know the seller.
  8. phildapimp89

    Ahhh... I'm stupid...

    I bought another Type R off ebay, a dvc 4 ohm sub thinking I could connect it to my MTX Thunder 282 (160 wattsx2 into a 2 ohm load or 300 watts bridged into a 4 ohm load) I figured well hmmm. 4 ohm sub, 4 ohm amp, looks like a match. Well this sucks, is MTX correct here and I just wasted 43 dollars on nothing? :\
  9. I have a Black 99 Integra LS very clean, no lowering or body kits or any crap. Bone stock besides a subwoofer, speakers. Anyways, somebody trashed my muffler and I need a new one. If I weld on one of those simple APC universal aftermarket mufflers, is my car gonna sound like complete rice crap? I'd like something better looking and sounding without spending money on a full exhaust... I don't really like the stock exhaust look, and I don't want a cheap looking muffler tip or crap like that. Any advice or answers would be appreciated, thanks. The APC Muffler i'm referring to would be something like this http://www.cardomain.com/item/APC159001 Thanks.
  10. phildapimp89

    Ported or new sub in same sealed box

    Ok, I have a MTX Thunder 282 capable of about 330 watts rms. My box is interchangeable to a 10" or a 12". Its a sealed Qlogic enclosure. I've went from 1 15" Atlas in 5 cu ft ported tuned to 30hz to 6 Kicker CVR10s sealed to 1 CVR10 sealed(dad needs trunk space now) I haven't had much listening experience with different boxes, but here goes.... I'm looking for more bass but also looking for the least expensive option. Would I get more SPL out of a 12" Alpine Type R in the same box or should I just get a nicely built ported box for the CVR10? The Type R is not my only option, and actually I would probably be starving it with only 330 watts rms, but what do ya think? New sub in same box or just port my CVR10? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  11. phildapimp89

    Is replacing JUST rears ok?

    I have some real nice Nakamichi mids and tweets in my car, but I also have some XXX mids that want some lovin now... If I replaced just the rears is it gonna sound like crap?(They have a nice seperate MTX amp for them) I know, everybody says just change the front stage, but I want to do the rear, so let me know.
  12. phildapimp89

    Think MTX will take me under warranty?

    I told them the amp no longer functions and I am filing a warranty receipt tom and sending it back tomorrow. I compeltely fried the amp because the two wires to the subwoofer crossed when I took the sub out of the car and shorted out the amp and the car smelled like burnt fish I'm under warranty, think MTX will repair for free?
  13. phildapimp89

    Sigh... Wonder if I fried my amp

    Parents told me to take the sub out of the car, so I did, and I put caps on the two sub wires... Problem is somehow my dad knocked them off when he was moving something, and when my mom was driving she noticed there was a burning smell so my dad went to go check it out and of course the wires were touching... My dad went to go put the sub back in and he couldn't get it working because my RCA cables are screwy... So he moved down the seat in the car to check it out but the wires were still connected to the box so the sub wires on the amp got yanked out. Hes fixing them now, probably making a disaster. What effects do touching the two wires exactly do? Think my amps fried? My dad said the bass worked for a few seconds but then cut out(from my poor rca cables) and now hes trying to hook it all back up... Ah well... No job, no money, probably no system
  14. Well I stole the Nakamichi speakers out of my dad's Lexus SC400(the speakers have never been over volume of 5 unless I was in the car) and swapped them into my Acura Integra(p00 speakers) and WOW.... Nakamichi makes good stuff. I'm surprised its not talked about much on the forums... Why not? They are right up there with all the other high end components... Anyways, Nakamichi owns.
  15. My sub doesn't play when I push my RCA cables in the amp, but when they are barely even connected to the amp the sub plays... But when I ride with them barely hanging out, sometimes they slip and fall out and then I have no sub. WTF I'm so irritated