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  1. $300 + shipping. I would offer them cheaper but I bought these from a guy in the military who lives in Okinawa, Japan so I have $400 invested in them. But I have never used them since I purchased them so they are still brand new. Probably not many brand new tc sounds drivers left.
  2. pw91686

    Adire Audio is back!

    Seems they are going to be making some Kodas again. They contacted me because they haven’t been able to find an original koda and Dan had lost the engineering files of them. So this weekend I am sending them the one that I have for testing and they should begin production of them within the next few months. This bad boy was actually going to be installed in my s2000 in 2 weeks, now it is being sent to Andrew and Dan. Now probably using a brand new infinity kappa perfect 10.1 I still have.
  3. I have 2 tc sounds tc1000 8s that are svc 4 ohm, new, never used. And I also have a single tc1000 8 dvc 4 ohm that is never used as well.
  4. pw91686

    Welcome back

    this format sucks d*** and is awful. guess i'll just stick to diyma.
  5. pw91686

    Tweeter Selection Help

    It all depends on the tweeter. Not all tweeters perform best on axis in car. For instance, I have a set of Audison violino, they are actually designed to be used off axis. But a ring radiator isn’t round, so the dispersion isn’t there like it is in a dome since midrange and high frequencies are directional.
  6. pw91686

    Tweeter Selection Help

    Ask losisatool, he is more knowledgeable than I am, he says you should mount them on axis. I would think this is how they are designed, as they don’t disperse the way a dome tweeter does. My older model polk Lsi speakers actually utilize a ring radiator tweeter made by vifa, there are a few different models but I’m sure they are all very similar. They are quite airy and detailed. I love the way they sound. You’ll love them.
  7. pw91686

    Tweeter Selection Help

    you're going to need a tweeter that you can cross fairly low, maybe 2500hz or so, i would buy these: https://www.parts-express.com/peerless-by-tymphany-xt25sc90-04-1-dual-ring-radiator-tweeter--264-1014 they are cheap and they handle power well, and they sound really really good! there are a lot of people that have used these and really like them: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2pcs-alpine-HIEND-28MM-vifa-XT25-hifi-audio-car-tweeter-speaker-4ohm-50W/222318486214?hash=item33c336e2c6:g:IXQAAOSwsTxXjk3L
  8. pw91686

    Single 12" / Amplifier $400 Budget

    if you're interested in a pair of 10's i have a pair of brand new in box infinity kappa perfect 10.1s, they are single 4 ohm drivers. pair it with a pioneer gm-d9601 at 2 ohm load and you'd have an extremely nice sounding setup with good output. https://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-Gm-D9601-400-Watt-Class-Mono/dp/B00CLFM596 https://www.crutchfield.com/S-6FeJt1p0OHd/p_108PER101/Infinity-Kappa-Perfect-10-1.html but if you're dead set on using a single 12, my vote would be dayton ultimax 12 with a pioneer gm-d9601 or gm-d8601.
  9. and by the way, you may be better off looking through facebook marketplace as well and seeing what you can piece together.
  10. https://www.ryda.com.au/morel-maximo-62-two-way-split-car-speakers i would recommend these speakers. i was looking at other options, do you have to have a shallow mount subwoofer? and find the cheapest place you can pick up this pioneer 5 channel: ($399) Pioneer GM-D9605 Class D 5-Channel Amplifier with Wired Bass Remote - GMD9605 and by the way, **** is stupid expensive there!
  11. pw91686

    JBL or Infinity subs

    If it were me choosing, infinity.
  12. pw91686

    Best SQL Woofers?

    i'll try to look it up, i'm working this weekend and next weekend though.
  13. pw91686

    Best SQL Woofers?

    never heard of it... i am in the process of replacing the speakers in my camry, one of my mids is toast, going to install some new components and run them active off the deh-80prs. not wanting to spend the money on a dsp yet, but i'm sure i will at some point. next is my s2000 install later this year...
  14. pw91686

    Best SQL Woofers?

    mine shows a f3 of 44.2, but these are without in car response graphs... what events in pensacola?
  15. pw91686

    Need help powering this madness!

    personally, i would not run rear speakers, i would just take them out. but if you have made up your mind, just go with a coaxial, no reason to spend money on components for the rear.