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  1. I'm in for the pioneer too, shipped to 98092. I want to get the JBL GTO out of the car I'm selling...
  2. I'm probably in for a pair in a couple days if you still have them....
  3. AcidicDreams

    Aura Sound MR62, MR6.1, tweeters, crossovers, rare gems

    So..... I just bought a set of MR62's locally... I'm just trying to decide what to do with them. They are def used and I have yet to power them but they are in decent shape.... your PM box is full... maybe you should delete some and pm me
  4. Mono amps are more flexible usually because they are stable @ 1, 2 and 4 ohms. I personally prefer a 5 or 6 ch amp so I can run my front stage bridged + sub off one amp but that's just me... If the choice is between a 2ch or mono for subs it doesn't really matter, it depends on the subs. IF your sub(s) is presenting 1 or 2 ohms though a mono-block would make the most sense.
  5. Here are a few good options: WoofersEtc.com - FX1.400 - MB Quart 400W RMS 1-Channel Monoblock Formula Series Amplifier WoofersEtc.com - Xa300.1 - Cadence 1 Channel 300 Watt Linear AB Monoblock Amplifier RE Audio DTS-800.1 (DTS800.1) 800W Monoblock Class D Amplifier MB Quart REF1.800 (REF 1.800) Reference Monoblock Amplifier There are lots of amps in that space.... any one of these for would be just fine....
  6. WA is a little closer, amazon has these for $109 w/ free super saver shipping. Which usually works out because I live like 20 miles from their Redmond warehouse... I'd rather buy from a supporting vendor though...
  7. Check your pm's please. I need one by Friday. Ready to pay if the shipping quote is reasonable...
  8. AcidicDreams

    FS- Massive CK Tweets & X-Overs

    Payment sent...
  9. AcidicDreams

    FS- Massive CK Tweets & X-Overs

    I'll take those.... PM'ed
  10. AcidicDreams

    JL XR 650-CXI (30% Off Retail Price)

    Hey, PM me lowest price shipped to 98092.... I wouldn't need them until next friday so ground or flat rate would be fine. also your pm box is full
  11. AcidicDreams

    Hertz Hi-Energy HSK 165 Crossovers

    PMed on the mids/crossovers
  12. I used to have a QAA4250, it was a BEAST. I paid quite a bit less though. I ran a pair of 15" ID IDW's off of it too.... ahh those where the days... I had a zapco studio for the frontstage (Aura MR62) as well... They weigh a TON. The QAA4250 was at least 30-40lbs
  13. AcidicDreams

    Aura Sound MR62, MR6.1, tweeters, crossovers, rare gems

    The MR62's are by far my fav comp set... I would have bought the tweets + crossovers in a heartbeat but someone beat me to them. GLWS
  14. AcidicDreams

    Selecting a passive crossover

    I have a set of DDC6.5's that are missing the mid crossover. I'm trying to find a cheap and easy way to put them to use. If I had more $$ I was willing to spend on this install I'd just get a better set of comps but it's what I have. I'd like to buy a set of passive crossovers but how do I go about selecting one? I don't have the crossover specs on the current set so I'm not really sure about how I'd find an appropriate crossover from another set... Does anyone have specs on the DDC6.5 crossover point or have any insight on how to find out using the tweet crossovers and say a DMM? BTW: There are some Aura crossovers on ebay for 12.95 a piece. Also since I'm on the subject of crossovers I've always wondered if a set of comps that take say 100wrms per side, does that mean both the tweet and the mid are seeing 100wrms each or does it get split somehow?
  15. Clicking means there is some power in the batt but it's nearly dead... either it's not charging (should be 14+ volts while running) or something is not powering down with the car and draining the batt. If you run it for awhile and stop does it start right back up but overnight it has trouble starting? Is it random? Does it do it all the time?