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  1. I have one for sale. It's scratched...but working perfectly. $180 plus shipping. I'll get some pics up very soon. Tuan
  2. WTB: High power broken amplifiers of 2000+ watts. All parts must be intact. I'm only wanting to buy broken amps that sitting around collecting dust. I'm not looking to pay a lot for them. 2 Channel or Monoblock. Let me know what you have and the lowest price shipped to zip code 92843. Tuan
  3. Toxic Tuan

    King of SOCAL April 24th

    Great Turnout. About 35 entrees...best So Cal has seen in years. Great to have seen you guys out there. Tuan
  4. Toxic Tuan

    King of SOCAL April 24th

    Man, If the civic or the crossfire truck doesn't impress you, I don't think anything will. Tuan
  5. Toxic Tuan

    Anybody heard of g sound in the i.e

    Wow...I can't believe this happened. Sorry to hear that. G Sound is supposed to be a decent shop. I personally know the owner. I'll be giving him a call and swing by his shop. Maybe they need a training session. Tuan
  6. Toxic Tuan

    Pro Auto Sound #2 Santa Ana CA

    Pro Auto Sound is out of business guys. The wheel place next door purchase the place. Another victim of a bad economy. Tuan
  7. Toxic Tuan

    King of SOCAL April 24th

    I believe SQ comp is at Beach Auto Sound, Huntington Beach...Tom is the host? Too bad it lands in the same day. I'm going to be at King of Socal. I working on a wall for a friend. Should be ready by the show. 4 DD9515's in a wall =) Hope to see you guys there. I'll have a cooler with drinks for everyone. Tuan
  8. Toxic Tuan

    Anybody heard of g sound in the i.e

    What happened at G sound? Tuan
  9. Toxic Tuan

    Fi set up vs DD set up

    DD all the way! Tuan
  10. Toxic Tuan

    Enclosure Prototyping *Pics*

    I actually need local testings. I need to listen to it too. Tuan
  11. Toxic Tuan

    Enclosure Prototyping *Pics*

    Thanks for the link. That is one method, there is also another method. People with these skills are making a whole lot of money. Tuan
  12. Toxic Tuan

    Enclosure Prototyping *Pics*

    You "don't think" it can be done. Every single one of your BS call has been debunked. You really need to learn a few things before you start ranting. It's getting old. Tuan
  13. Toxic Tuan

    Enclosure Prototyping *Pics*

    Next show is going to be in April. That's around the corner. Tuan
  14. Toxic Tuan

    Enclosure Prototyping *Pics*

    Yes you can and I've seen it done with my own eyes. There is a guy in San Diego that can do it...he's the only one that I know who can. He charges an arm and a leg. Tuan
  15. Toxic Tuan

    Enclosure Prototyping *Pics*

    I've used many methods, they all work the same way. I still prefer kerf or PVC quarter cuts for small projects. Tuan