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  1. That is good to know. I was and am quite interested in the ION series but couldn't dig up any info. I had just assumed that they were nothing special since no one talks about them. Anything other info you can shed for us?
  2. They are made by Epsilon, same maker as Power Acoustic, Soundstream, SPL, and Kole Audio since '09. Trumpet's sold a few, but no reviews or anything yet. I'd be more inclined to get the PPI 600.2 for about the same cost.
  3. Trumpet's got some baby PPI's advertised that look interesting. I wish someone would bench test one.
  4. Free bump. These things must be brand new, there's no info on them anywhere beyond what's on the box. Even PPI's site doesn't have an owner's manual for download. I sent precision power an email asking about efficiency and how they got their power rating (since no CEA 2006 rating) and will post their response when (if) I get one.
  5. Oldest. Joke. Ever. Seriously, when I stopped posting in 2007, Funky Pups jokes were old. Nice job on the dustcaps though.
  6. Raven

    Sound Storm Urgent

    Sound Storm Labs is a division of Boss Audio Systems. Boss Audio is probably part of the Sound Around corporation, which is responsible for Pyle, Lanzar, Pyramid, Legacy, and most other cheap-as-all-hell audio. With a budget of $50 per sub, buy used. The way car audio works, a little scratch or tear or scuffing can ruin the resale value but not the functionality. Who cares if you sub has some chips in the magnet or a fixed screwdriver puncture in the surround when you're only paying 20% of the retail price? You can always upgrade later.
  7. Usually when the forks are done in it's written off as a wreck. Unless there's no official paperwork about the collision, I bet it's a salvage / rebuilt title. It's a *****y sit with bikes, you put your heart and soul into one but the slightest scratch and you can't give them away. But hell, for $2000 it's a steal. What happened? Cager hit you?
  8. Raven

    Budget high sensitivity sub?

    If you can find an old Adire Shiva MK4, they can be had cheap enough and would fit your bill. An Incriminator Audio 187 would work if you can get more than 300 watts or so to it - at least that's my experience. You can't get away with a small prefab box, but either setup is quite potent. If you're feeling peticularly bold, a Decware DHM108B in a Deathbox II can murder other setups in that power range. It's quite cheap too, unless you buy the Deathbox premade. One of my old setups was an IA 187 in a Deathbox off about 500 watts - it scored higher than most 2 and 3 sub (With 2 and 3 times the power) setups in my area, but the meter we used was nameless and peticularly old, so take that as you will.
  9. Raven

    Does anyone still run coaxials?

    I run coaxials. I have a set of Rainbow SLCs, Next Audio comps, and even Aura comps - yet my car has $20 ebay MTX coaxes in the doors. They're running off the HU. Terrible. Anyone who's tried it knows the no matter what you do, you just don't make an SQ winner out of an early 90s Ford Taurus.
  10. Raven

    Insignia Audio???

    It'd be quite a contribution to the community to get a chart of that information out, its_bacon12.
  11. Raven

    Preout Voltage ? 4V and 2.2V ? BIG Differenece?

    IMO the output impedance would have just as big an effect in that setup as the output voltage itself. Listen to squeak9798.
  12. Raven

    Ruger P345 for $300

    Nice shot of the rifleing in the barrel. Free bump.
  13. Drill a hole in the door, and use a grommet. The second part of that is more important than the first part. You *will* shear a wire without one.
  14. Raven

    Analog vs digital!???

    At the source (CDs), it's all digital. In the end, it's all analog out the speakers. In digital form, you can add processing you can't do to analog sound. In analog form, you can add processing you can't do to digital sound. Basically, this is more of a preference than anything. The only real benefit I can think of is that digital is totally oblivious to line noise.
  15. Raven

    Ebay Picture scam

    I sent him an email, probably one of many for a lot of people. Talk about getting hell over a spelling error. Hopefully he'll add an edit saying the winner get's the **** bike and not pictures to shut some overly aggressive 05'ers up.