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  1. bimma85

    Stereo Integrity

    I haven't been around much lately, but I thought the new subs were being sold direct?
  2. bimma85

    Stereo Integrity

    Where do you think the SI subs in the classifieds came from? Yes, they are legit.
  3. bimma85

    10" Sub Help Please

    do you have an amp yet? willing to do 1 12 or are you set on 2 10s?
  4. bimma85

    Anyone reccomend a good HT forum?

    No clue if you have looked at these before, but here's some diy projects http://www.partsexpress.com/projectshowcase/projectindex.cfm
  5. bimma85

    Ascendant Audio?

    when did they finally get it up and running?
  6. bimma85

    help me out realll quick!

    My bad man, I've got a million of them in the basement... if you still need one lmk.
  7. bimma85


    Thanks man Solidcrown=Great guy...would definitely deal with again.
  8. I'll give ya $100 for all of them
  9. bimma85


    he has no refs on here and has been on here for 2 months....how did it seem all good ? Sorry to hear about your loss...best bet is to contact his local PD.
  10. bimma85

    Help me out: Tuning

    You now have a rectangle and half a rectangle
  11. bimma85

    Help me out: Tuning

    pic? As for ports size 12-15 square inches per cubic foot of box
  12. bimma85

    Good Deal? OR Bust!

  13. bimma85

    Why is my amp smoking???

    Go back to car audio 101 and read about an amps gain.