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  1. I have an Eclipse AVN52d. I would like to get a bluetooth adapter but the one made for it (eclipse bt-e500) is discontinued. I would like to make phone calls and play music from my iPhone 5...any suggests? I am clueless with bluetooth stuff so please be specific. Thank you in advance!!
  2. Pistonsfan70

    How to install Eclipse IPC-106 to Eclipse AVN52D

    Yeah, now I am just learning how to wire up the power. First time for everything!!! If there is a specific link that shows how to wire the ground and power (whatever the black and yellow wires are called from the IPC-106), I would appreciate it!
  3. Pistonsfan70

    How to install Eclipse IPC-106 to Eclipse AVN52D

    Update...Looked in my original box (been installed for 2+ years) and the cable was in there!! Hot DOG!!
  4. Pistonsfan70

    How to install Eclipse IPC-106 to Eclipse AVN52D

    Thank you. Know the part # on it? Or a link to where I could buy it?
  5. I am a novice when it comes to car audio install, but like to learn as I go. I bought the IPC-106 recently, and figured it would be an easy plug & play install but I am STUMPED!! Here are the pictures. Do I need an adapter?? Is it not compatible? (although I have seen many people selling their same combo after use, not talking about Sonic Electronix) Any and all help is appreciated!!!
  6. Pistonsfan70

    How to hook up mp3 player to Eclipse AVN52D

    There is no auxiliary input on it, to the best of my knowledge.
  7. I have the Eclipse AVN52D and love it, but I recently got a Sprint Evo and would like to play my mp3's through my system. Is there an adapter I can buy for this to make it happen.......I do not want to use an FM transmitter. Thanks in advance.
  8. Pistonsfan70

    WTB: Nice Double Din

    For the price range, it is amazing. I'd prefer an HDD navi, but this still has dual discs. Just need to buy the Sirius adapters now.
  9. Pistonsfan70

    WTB: Nice Double Din

    Eclipse AVN52D..costs $500 BRAND NEW with warranty.......I just got mine installed and love it.
  10. Pistonsfan70

    Avn52d Stuck! Help!!

    I got this unit installed on Saturday and LOVE IT!! Today, on my way to class, I noticed the screen was tilted, which was odd since i never pushed any tilt buttons. I tried to hit the button to eject, and even tilt it and it will move up a tiny bit, then back in place. There is no way of accessing the cd roms...... I also held the eject button down till it beeped and still nothing. Any ideas?
  11. Pistonsfan70

    How to add Sirius to Eclipse unit....

    Jeez. That's pricey!!!
  12. Pistonsfan70

    How to add Sirius to Eclipse unit....

    I just installed an Eclipse AVN5510/52D and LOVE IT! I want to add Sirius. Do I need to add this http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_10413_Eclipse+ECL-SC1.html or http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_10102_SIRIUS+SC-C1.html Or both lol. Thanks
  13. Pistonsfan70

    Double Din Help 2006 Grand Cherokee

    http://photos.ebizautos.com/6829/3877445_27.jpg New link. Other one must've expired. Do I need one or both?
  14. Pistonsfan70

    Double Din Help 2006 Grand Cherokee

    Ok, to be 100% sure, I will include pics.. THIS is my current radio setup (borrowed pic) http://byers-dublin-dodge.ebizautos....&auctiontype=1 I want to fit an after market double din. Do I need to buy this http://www.leeparts.com/jeep_grand_c...bezel_kit.html it looks like it wouldn't fit because of the vents...... AND this http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2005-...udioQ5fVid eo Do I need one part, both parts..or something else.. THanks!!
  15. Pistonsfan70

    Double Din Help 2006 Grand Cherokee