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  1. profoundwill

    Wtb 1000 watt amp

    I wanna stay around $200.
  2. I need a 1000 amp at 4 ohm or 1 ohm. Looking for a US Amps DE1000 but I am open to other offers. Let me know. No Junk!!
  3. profoundwill

    Looking to buy a single 15”

    Got a bnib critical mass ss152. Don't know if it will hold 2000 rms but it is under rated.
  4. profoundwill

    WTB A BEEF 12 inch or 15 inch sub

    Got a BNIB critical mass ss152
  5. Thanks trumpet, I will give them a call.
  6. Can anyone build me a box something like this OBCON Dual 10" Chevy 1500 Crew Cab 00-07 Speaker Box behind the seat With Power | eBay that will fit in a 2006 gmc sierra denali behind the rear seats. I would like to go with 2 tens if possible be depending on the available air space 1 eight will work. I want it to be ported and painted or carpeted tan. Please get at me I have cash and I ready to buy. Need shipped to 30530.
  7. profoundwill

    WTT: Atomix APX Motor for 12"

    Lots of looks, any offers??
  8. profoundwill

    WTT: Atomix APX Motor for 12"

    If they were the sa's I probably would or if they were the sd-10's
  9. profoundwill

    WTT: Atomix APX Motor for 12"

    Make an offer, shipping will be expensive.
  10. profoundwill

    8" Massive Audio Summo sub with enclosure

    What are the specs on the box?? How much power can sub the handle??
  11. profoundwill

    WTT: Atomix APX Motor for 12"

    In need of a nice 8 or subwoofer enclosure.
  12. Any subwoofer builders in Ga, close to Athens to be exact?? Got a motor need a build. Thanks
  13. profoundwill

    Which amp should I use for SA-8

    I have a US Amps AX600DE and a Soundstream Van Gough 800.2. Which one should I use to power a Sundown SA-8 dual 2 ohm in a ported enclosure??
  14. profoundwill

    WTT: Atomix APX Motor for 12"

    Will trade for nice ported 8" sub enclosure
  15. Got a 9835 great condition comes with iPod adapter