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  1. Ive always had good results by using a piece of mdf and wood clamps as a guide.
  2. mazdakid

    JBL Broken Basket - What are my options?

    I recieved a zcon 15 in the mail with a cracked basket in 2 or 3 spots. I used some dp420 epoxy on the cracks and its still holding together just fine after probably atleast a year.
  3. 3.2 on both coils for 1 sub, other sub is 3.2 and 3.1
  4. Theyre not real bad but theyre not great.
  5. Theyre 88120 but after checking the condition on them again, im not sure youd want them.
  6. Any interest in a pair of 12" eclipse subs?
  7. mazdakid

    I think i made a mistake....

    Your sub is firing right into the middle of your port. I would cover your hole and maybe invert the sub until you can get a new box.
  8. mazdakid

    Oldie but goodie!! Original RE SX 15"

    Kitty liked mine
  9. mazdakid

    Weird thing just happened on my way home

    Wayyy too hard.
  10. mazdakid

    Weird thing just happened on my way home

    Slammin too hard and got hot.
  11. mazdakid


    Got 2 x v2 12s from there last year. Only thing I could find was some of the white foam from packaging rubbed off onto the magnet boot.
  12. You don’t want to turn it all the way up.
  13. You should turn bass boost off and set the gain correctly. If your amp is 500w, it doesn’t mean it’s 500w when the gain is all the way up.
  14. mazdakid

    Refoam problems

    You can get e6000 at walmart. Dp420 is on amazon amd ebay, im not sure where to find it locally. I got a few of the 400ml bottles for a good price at a flea market a few years ago.
  15. mazdakid

    Refoam problems

    Ive used e6000 and dp420 with good results.