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  1. Hey guys, I was originally going to run my Treo Engineering SSX 18", but decided I don't want to go through upgrading the alternator. Where is the most you recommend running off the stock ALT with an upgraded battery? Can I get away with 2KW? I'm looking to run 2x15's now, something around 750RMS. I'm not to familiar with this power range, what do you guys recommend? Something around $150 each preferably Needs to fit in a 2010 Maxima thanks
  2. snb778

    How long will it last?

    birch stronger than regular plywood im guessing? plywood has the same layering right?
  3. snb778

    How long will it last?

    what is the advantages of having a birch box? are they as strong as MDF?
  4. Hello everyone, Its been several years since I was in the car audio scene. I am interested in getting my sub up an running again in a cost effective way. Last I was involved, team PSI was doing a lot of customizing subs, many many people were running Sundowns, and Audioque, DD, and FI. I had an 18" Treo Engineering SSX which was rebuilt be PSI as a dual flatwound alum VC. I was running an Autotek MM3000.1 at .5 ohms tuned to 33Hz. Daily I was doing about 148+ db. I saved this sub for the last 5-6 years because I loved it so much and swore to myself I would use it again some day. Team DOA was killin it in the Chicagoland competitions, especially Mike and his Barney van! What are the common subs/ brands that people are running today? Any amp I can look for- for around $500 to power this thing (used of course). Thanks