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  1. ttt.. open to trades/ offers.. specifically another 18 or 2x 15's
  2. i'll get back to you guys asap on the shipping quotes... shipping a box and sub isnt going to be cheap.. expect at least $75.. shipping boxes in chicago area is a PITA.. they want me to pack the box itself inside a cardboard box.....
  3. Item(s) for Sale: Selling my 18" Elemental Designs 19 ov.2 + E.D. 9.2x amp Item(s) Description/Condition: Sub 9/10 amp 8/10 Price: I will sell it all for $350... I will sell the sub+ box for $275 or I will sell the amp alone for $100 (make offers.. open to trades for another 18" or 2x 15's) Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures:
  4. most people who chime in here will agree we know the pop is probably from a bad ground, or so they'd say......BUT. the fact that your radio no longer works could be from a tiny strand of wire on your amp touching the chassis of the amp...which could ALSO create that POP....could have fried the amp
  5. snb778

    treo and sundown

    ooh..nice product combo
  6. snb778

    HDC3 fail

    lol what are you talking about... the numbers speak for themselves...THATS ALL THAT MATTER IN THIS ARGUMENT! don't be salty because YOU buy more expensive stuff and it still cant top him...you say he must be a little sour for buying stuff that isnt built as high quality...yet it still outperforms 100000 other systems with higher quality stuff...?
  7. snb778

    HDC3 fail

    I guess that why they are...or were only $280 though.... but you gotta admit...they still outperform anything else for the price...and thats what comes with it though...
  8. snb778

    Who's ran Image Dynamics speakers? or Boston Z's

    thanks guys. I will be using them in my doors, no kicks yet. I am looking at the cx's, not the ctx's and they are the v.2's. budget is $200 max which isnt to expensive IMO. not sure on Hertz's pricing, i'll take a look.
  9. snb778

    Who's ran Image Dynamics speakers? or Boston Z's

    not quite the review im lookin for.