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    Jack of all trades. Love anything with 4 wheels that can be modified!
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    Tempe, Az
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    Field tech for a navigation company
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    Sounds increadible, exactly what I like. Smooth detailed highs, warm mids and deeeeeep clean bass.
  1. desertheat

    Insane....that is all I can say...

    Retards with wallets are born every day
  2. desertheat

    Wagonized Stole $1150 From Me!

    I swear we need a **** bounty hunter for hire on some of these forums.
  3. desertheat

    A|G Electronic RG-402 Build Thread

    I respect DIY 10x over any used prosound amp or off the shelf unit. Do you always have to go stick your @ss into everyones posts with your opinions? I guarantee NO ONE CARES that you like used prosound amps and think they are gods gifts to audio, what does that have to do with this post? This guy is showing his stuff and the direction he wants to go. He will also get a lot more enjoyment out of it knowing he built it and it will be a great learning experience. Seriously man, you need to stop badgering peoples posts with your BS & opinions. Annoys the living sh*t out of everyone around you. Now get this back on topic and let us know how it turns out and what you think of the project! I am looking at a nap140 clone for the next toy. Just another DIY to have some fun with.
  4. desertheat

    A|G Electronic RG-402 Build Thread

    haha welcome to DIY bliss... well if you built it right.. well if you can solder worth a crap... *LOL* Just messin with ya. DIY is the most rewarding thing I have ever done and I get more enjoyment out of my projects than anything I could ever buy off the shelf. Also have a link to the website of the amp you plan to build?
  5. desertheat

    Best SQ speakers for under $360

    I have a set of the higher end xs65s for sale for $325 shipped. Pratically brand new with about 8 hours use out of my show car I am parting out. Original box and all.
  6. desertheat

    PuZo FeedBack Thread A+++

    Was worried about him being out of country, NO problems! Totally cool guy to do business with. Fast payment, no BS.
  7. As the title says, $40 shipped. MINT Condition.
  8. As the title says, MINT condition gundam crossfire for PS3 shipped for $30.00
  9. I have Ninja Gaiden Sigma for ps3 f/s that is not on your list. $40 shipped priority mail.
  10. desertheat

    Who here is getting loud in a Scion TC?

    hyperblack and for sale on scionlife
  11. desertheat

    Who here is getting loud in a Scion TC?

    Thanks guys, Yeah just time to move on. Building another car for my playtoy, one I always wanted to build. Just had a dream of owning a show winning car, and well I lived that dream so it is done. over 15 1st place or best of show awards at many large and super large events. IDmax's sold, The IDQ's sold as well. The DLS A6 sold, I have a pair of A3's for sale along with XS65 image dynamics front stage & an alpine iva-d310 left. Also yes, those are authentic 5zr's & they are for sale "5 rims, 4 of which with very good condition falken azenis 235/40/18's. Asking $1300 for the set.