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  1. RJ_22

    Alpine PDX F6 and bridging

    I understand that also. Im just asking how to wire it. Which splitter to where kind of thing.
  2. RJ_22

    Alpine PDX F6 and bridging

    I understand that. But according to this: http://support.alpine-usa.com/products/documents/OM%20PDX-F6_F4.pdf I can bridge the amp. Im trying to do that, but I'm trying to understand it first.
  3. RJ_22

    Alpine PDX F6 and bridging

    Ok, I have an alpine pdx f6 4 ch, and i'm looking to bridge the amp. Right now, I have the front ch running my components, and the rear powering a small sub. But I would like a little more on the sub ch. Possibly more on the components. I looked at the manual and it says I need y splitters to bridge it. But when I asked alpine to explain this process better, they messed it up even worse. So here I am. Do I need 1 male/2 female splitters or vice versa? How would I plus them in to get the sound I would like?