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  1. bonesninja

    Aero port help

    ummm....will the port be external? If not, you do know that the volume will change right? (which means the port length will have to change also to get the desired tuning)
  2. bonesninja


  3. bingo.....i just offered that up as an alternative to buying something extra
  4. then you are certainly better off buying the guide....I use circ saws all the time so I can get them to cut pretty exact
  5. in the hands of a novice I guess...
  6. or you could use a circular saw and a guide board...very easy
  7. bonesninja

    what to do to achieve midbass.

    nice box...but still gonna sound wierd i believe.
  8. bonesninja

    what to do to achieve midbass.

    Midbass is very directional....probably gonna sound muddy or out of the stage if you go center console. I would suggest doors or kicks.
  9. bonesninja

    What other 3ch amps are out there?

    maybe use a 4 channel with the rear set bridged?
  10. bonesninja

    JL w6 sounding like crap

    too much power
  11. bonesninja

    T3 speakers any good

    no one pay any attention to the OP...he's a troll b-hustle= fi guy= toasted