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    i have been researching car audio on a near daily basis for 6 years... still learning everyday
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    jonathan f
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    defiance, oh
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    soundstream and phoenix gold are sweet
  1. jaboran

    can not remember this brand....

    anyone have a link to their site? i can not seem to find the ****ed thing
  2. jaboran

    can not remember this brand....

    yeah! thats is it i read a little while ago that they were coming back.. thanks guys
  3. jaboran

    can not remember this brand....

    i am trying to remember what company has a hand logo with the ring finger being held by the thumb with the other fingers outstretched.... i thought it was funkin audio, but i can not remember exactly... a little help to recall who this is, it would greatly be appreciated.. i thought they had a website with their new line of subs.. or maybe it was dr crankenstein? it is driving me crazy i ask this because i saw a car out here at walmart with that logo and i got super excited... i tried a google search and it yielded body parts and women .. not car audio stuff... so.. um....
  4. jaboran

    New box for Scion tc

    what phoenix gold amp do u have powering those?
  5. jaboran

    Amp for single type r

  6. jaboran

    TC-1000 Subwoofer

    i have a pair and couldnt be happier
  7. jaboran

    System in 94 Taurus

    it depends on what kind of sound you want, how much power yer electrical system can handle, yer musical preferences, and how much room yer willing to give up for a good box and amp space also.. headunits are important.. u may have to spend a good chunk on a good headunit so yer setup doesnt sound like ass so yeah... there a go
  8. jaboran

    Who has fiberglass sub enclosures?

    yeah.... first attempt, and whenever it warms up, redoing my trunk.. so .. meh.. it works for now
  9. jaboran

    Help with Decent 10" budget subs for .75 sealed

    i like the re and the pg's
  10. jaboran

    Two Kicker comp's on crutchfield

    well.. what amp do u have so someone can recommend something for ya?
  11. jaboran

    Jab's Upgrade

    i have already made up my mind.. but i wanted to see what other ppl thought so i could take it into consideration hence why i said "second opinions"
  12. jaboran

    Jab's Upgrade

    well, i think i will try a poll to see if i get more responses i currently have 2 amps powering my front and rear stage--- soundstream trx2.550 powering soundstream reference 6.0 and a soundstream vga400.2 powering phoenix gold x5.0 i want to get a single amplifier to power all 4 speakers... and was thinking of a 4 channel amp at around 100 rms per channel at 4ohms(100x4@4ohm).. second opinions appreciated and since i have been a fan of soundstream for a very long time, i think i will stick with them, but they recently came out with some new stuff that fascinates me so here we go.. poll time
  13. jaboran

    Help with Decent 10" budget subs for .75 sealed

    i havent had any experience with the sr's.. but i have had experience with the SE's... from what i understand, the sr's handle sealed enclosures better than the se's.. but the se's sound ****ed good in sealed or ported.. so i can only imagine really anything RE is good in my books.. and that looks like a good deal on those subs actually.. good find
  14. jaboran

    Powering RE SE 10" $150-200

    here are a few more to think about phoenix gold x600.1 its a refurb, but its a good amp infinity ref1600a mtx ta5601 another refurb, but still a solid amp
  15. jaboran

    Help with Decent 10" budget subs for .75 sealed

    sounds like u have done some homework on this subject i like the phoenix gold rsd's.. pretty good little sub for that price.. and sounds like it will fit the bill in both the size limitation, mounting depth and power if u were willign to spend more, the possibilities will open up a lot more