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  1. I've been looking for a new sub box for my room, unless you know someone who wants to buy it hah
  2. Are you coming up this weekend?
  3. 1.25 rear .75 front 75 sq in port 75 hz tuning
  4. No worries here. Adio is getting 4th order BP made that looks like it will be flat from low 20hz's to 100hz
  5. pwnt by pat

    Garrett GT35

    Garrett GT3571. New. PO painted compressor housing for some reason. Never used. .50 ar compressor .94 ar turbine I believe it's a t3 flange. $700 shipped
  6. pwnt by pat

    Carputer 101

    the x-fi are gamers cards many other cards out there for SQ
  7. pwnt by pat

    Carputer 101

    yeah, you still need a microphone for the computer. just plug it into the microphone input on your soundcard. you will need two inputs, line in and microphone, for radio and mic.
  8. pwnt by pat

    Carputer 101

    fm tuner = Visteon HDZ300 + this cable http://www.rush2112.net/mkportal/modules/oscommerce/product_info.php?products_id=39 look on ebay, about $100 just get a usb bluetooth thing. they're like $15 on ebay.
  9. pwnt by pat

    Carputer 101

    If anyone is interested, I have an Opus 120.3 120w powersupply for sale. Retail is like around 100 or so I think. I'm asking 75 shipped with the harness.
  10. pwnt by pat

    Carputer 101

    most newer cars have a "key in"line where as long as the key is in the ignition, the line will still have 12v. Other than that, get a two position switch and a relay. Wire the center of the switch to the carputer remote line, wire position 1 on the switch to constant 12v, and wire position 2 to a relay post 85 or 86. When the switch is in position 1, the carputer will remain on indefinitely. When the switch is in position 2, the carputer will function with car acc as normal.
  11. pwnt by pat

    Carputer 101

    you can run an aftermarket head unit in the glove box or under the seat and control everything via the computer. A sound cards output is only good for a few watts at best. You'll never effectivly drive any real stereo system off of it.
  12. pwnt by pat

    looking for lots of stuff!!!

    still looking for horns? I have two sets, ID CD-1 Pros and ID Cd-1E v.2's for 200 and 150 shipped respectivly.
  13. pwnt by pat

    WTB: Alpine H701

    I have one I'll sell for 350 shipped w/0 the controller. used though