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  1. bama350z

    FINAL PRICE $250 PPI a1200

    I would love to have it, but having a bit of a problem w the condition and the "melting".. would love to use it in a showcar. any chance on a price drop? have cash in hand (paypal) ..Stewart
  2. They will be for a set of focal polyglass mids... could also use some tweeter rings (1" flush mount).. the mids specs are "top mount depth" 2.95".... bottom mount depth 3.07".... cutout diameter 6.10"... Lemme know what you got, or if someone is willing to make/price...the tweetw are old school Kicker KS25 tweets...diameter of cutout for tweets is 1 7/8"
  3. doing another old school build. if anyone has one for sale, please let me know.
  4. bama350z

    SQ 2 Channel Amp

    woops, sorry, i meant bridged to 4 ohms. my bad.
  5. bama350z

    SQ 2 Channel Amp

    I got ya right here buddy...$150 shipped Memphis MC3004 75x4 at 4 ohms..UNDERATED.....probably well over 200x2 at 2 ohms.
  6. bama350z

    sundown sa8 ds (2)

    **** thats a steal. i just paid $134 each...where were you a week ago!!??? free BUMP
  7. bama350z

    dkhage1 feedback

    Jammin on my iPod from dkhage1...easy transaction!