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  1. davesexplorer

    yo0123yo = scammer

    Yep I talk to an investigator monday, I dont know his exact address yet but I will find out. I'm not expecting much from the police but we'll see. For anyone that doesn't know... THIS is what a scammer might look like Only Maher Yasin in chicago area of IL http://www.facebook.com/myasin1 http://www.myspace.com/1maher8 cool, maher yasin 21 YOA Oak Forest High School Oak Forest,Illinois Graduated: 2006
  2. davesexplorer

    yo0123yo = scammer

    'twas from a bank account, unfortunately I wont have any recourse there. Got the IP from tapout, scammer isn't off the hook yet I have all the stuff together to call and talk to an investigator monday. The only thing that could pose a problem if he is an alien (as in having a student visa) if he leaves the country there really is no recourse for me. I have my hopes up the locals can do a knock and talk, getting a summons issued for him for theft by deception (although I dont know IL laws).
  3. davesexplorer

    yo0123yo = scammer

    He's also scammin on craigslist too, deleted his ads recently. His phone number is 708-821-7589 on there, ha that's something I can work with. http://chicago.craigslist.org/sox/pts/1290298921.html
  4. davesexplorer

    yo0123yo = scammer

    Yep pretty much, I'll be filing a police report with Palos Hills PD (closest I can figure to Moraine Valley CC - his email address) come monday. But realistically you are correct, that's why this isn't a *****ing thread it's a WARNING thread. Dont be like me... an idiot!
  5. davesexplorer

    yo0123yo = scammer

    Yes if the seller has no funds in his account paypal will not recover anything. He had $.06 in his account. He managed to get 399.94 out of his account in 2 days. Just a warning, it was a great deal, I figured the amp was a scratched up refurb. I had sold my KX2500.1's for around $400 so I didn't think it was too ridiculous.
  6. davesexplorer

    yo0123yo = scammer

    http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=418872 Reference the above thread, sent $400.00 in paypal to the seller for ZX2500.1. His response was something to the effect that there was a problem with his account and that he couldn't ship out the amp until that clears up. Well that certainly sounded like BS and he suddenly stopped responding to PM's so I threw a claim on that sensing scammer BS. Unforunately I was right... Transaction Details Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #520900831F338805A) Jul. 19, 2009 Payment To Maher Yasin Reversed ... -$400.00 USD yasinm7@student.morainevalley.edu This transaction has been partially refunded Aug. 1, 2009 Reversal Completed Details $0.06 USD So just a fair warning, I wont go into the typical Paypal is horseshit and everyone on the forums is a scammer blah blah blah. I bought from someone with little to no references and got scammed. It hurts but what am I going to do. Watch yourself peeps. I should have just used a CC and done a chargeback but oh well...
  7. davesexplorer

    CDA-9815 error message

    What error message is it? Covered in the manual?
  8. davesexplorer

    Alpine 7995 ??

    If that's the one without the internal amp, I had one and enjoyed it. Heck I'd probably still have it but I just had to trade up to multimedia when alpine came out with the W200. Take that back, I went from the 7995 to the 9811 then the W200. I liked the 7995 more than the 9811 because of the blue coloring, I think both had the same features - 9811 had an internal amp.
  9. davesexplorer

    got 30k? buy these rims

    The ****...
  10. davesexplorer

    Wtb: Ma Audio Hk297

    I have a HK-398 laying around...
  11. davesexplorer

    How to rip any DVD to popular video format

  12. davesexplorer

    10 companies go head to head

  13. davesexplorer

    Bottle of Hydroxycut, 72 capsules - $9 shipped

    ah what the hell, all this beer has been making me a little jiggly lately... and the gym cant keep up to it atm! Take $8.00 paypal?