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  1. Due to space and other reasons im going with a single 10. Inlooking to go ported and im looking recommendations on a sub that sounds great and dig down deep. What do you guys recommend for tuning as well? Subs in question Imagine Dynamics idmaxx Sundown X or Zv3 AA Havoc SSA Xcon Open to FI and other brands as well.
  2. I should be getting half of the amps power? If I get a 1 ohm stable amp and run it at 2 ohm i should get exactly have the power? From what I gather do amps have higher efficiency at a high ohm load? Another thing, do higher ohm loads play into sound quality?
  3. Hey guys I dont plan on upgrading my electrical just yet if I will at all on this car. Most all the deals ive been finding in my area are all on larger amps mainly Sundown. Could I get away with running a larger amp say a 1 ohm stable saz 2500d or scv 3000d at 2 ohm? What are my disadvantages of running a big 1 ohm stable amp at 2 ohm? Would it still draw more current then a 1200w or 1500w amp? Thanks.
  4. boomzabit

    Down to two 7" Double Din's Pioneer and Kenwood.

    Im not switching. The x5500 is in my truck. I am looking at a double din for the car. When do the new headunits usually come out? Have the lastest models arrived or will be arriving soon?
  5. One more thing quick. How much wire will I need to do the big 3 as well as run wire to a second battery in the trunk? Should 40 feet cover me?
  6. My question exactly. Im trying to get by for awhile without having to purchase an HO alt. But what do ya do
  7. boomzabit

    Time to upgrade? 1500 watt amp recommendations.

    I like what I see but im still a skeptic haha. I have problems..
  8. I am going to start off I did alot of comparing between double dins and narrowed it down to two. Pioneer x5600bhs almost identical to the unit in my truck the x5500. The Kenwood im looking at is a comparable model it is the DDX672bh. Do I stick with the Pioneer cause its what I know and already use or do I try something new and give the Kenwood a shot?
  9. boomzabit

    Time to upgrade? 1500 watt amp recommendations.

    Well guys, ive decided im going to go with an amp in the 2k-2500w range. I have yet to view the TC Epic's for some reason im leaning toward DD 2508's. How would they compare to the crossfire C7's or the CT Meso's? SA 8's i like too. But something about those DD's i like.
  10. Alright 3k was a stretch im more in thr market for a nice 2k amp but ill go as big as 2500w since it seems that size amp is more common. Most 2500w will be rated at 2200-2300w at 12.5v. Anyway. Like I say I will rarely blast at full tilt, mainly just for testing and going to a local comp here and there. Music listening wise I like the sound of a well rounded stereo and dont feel the need to blast around anymore. Will the Big 3, help me take the strain off the alternator or am I simply just going to have to replace it with an HO alt. One thing that may be on my side is I have a 3800 GM motor. I suppose my biggest concern is if a group 31 battery will have enough in it to let me go full tilt for 30 seconds with a 2500w amp. Then my alt can play catch up..
  11. boomzabit

    Time to upgrade? 1500 watt amp recommendations.

    I am itching ha. Those first gen type r's are in my truck.. Im looking at a pair of 8's or a single 10. Might end up doing both
  12. Ill admit im basically a noob when it comes to the three topics in the thread title. I was looking into a slightly larger amp then what I have to get the most out of the subs I will choose. Im thinking of doubling my current amps wattage if not almost tripling it. On a stock alternator with 0ga wiring what would i be up against if I were to install a D3100 in the trunk? I guess what are my limits? I dont blast my music and if I do it would be around a minute tops. I understand my stock 120amp alternator will be my limiting factor. How long can it take before a 2-3k watt amp drains a group 31 battery?
  13. boomzabit

    Time to upgrade? 1500 watt amp recommendations.

    I may just have to take a step toward a bigger amp. Now im curious what I could get away with as far as how big of an amp since I will for sure be adding a second battery. As of now Im still up in the air about keeping the **** car because its not really "me". Which is kind of hindering my thoughts of eventaully (sooner then later) going with a big HO alt. As for a battery Im certain id go with the XS D3100. I dont blast my bass around anymore and would be looking to give short demo's and alittle competing. Would I be able to sufficiently run a 2500w-3kw amp for a minute or so without doing any harm? Should I play it safe so to speak and look for amps around 2k rms since it will be almost double then what I have now.
  14. boomzabit

    Time to upgrade? 1500 watt amp recommendations.

    That makes sense too. I guess im not looking for a big enough upgrade. I looked into my kx and rated at 1200w @ 14.4. 1050w at 12.5. I came across the C7 8's which look extremely big and are rated at 1000 rms which is pretty crazy. I also took a look at DC audio 8's which also look like contenders. Maybe a 1500w amp might not be enough ha
  15. boomzabit

    Time to upgrade? 1500 watt amp recommendations.

    Keep me in mind AnthonyO. Forgot about the Epic's ill have to give them another look. Yes I did see twisted sounds is gaining ground. Ill look into the crossfire amp. I remember back when the vr1000d was a strong consideration at the time. Stock alt, looking like its possibly 125 amp.