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  2. Try this, it has a little bit of info on the page, maybe not totally what you need but it could be a start. And welcome to another Stang owner. 2001 Roush Stage 2 convertible here. https://www.crutchfield.com/S-ermHthWqmZk/learn/2005-09-ford-mustang-coupe.html
  3. Jon - let me know when those sigs are done, i am picking up one of zaks d3100s tomorrow, which is a nice upgrade from the batt i have in its place. Ill see if i can hang another volt for the amps to feed on. Take front seats out, and then test test test.
  4. My elec is a bit weaker than Jon's, but his draw is more. I will guess there is probably .1 or .2db worth of extra voltage in his system, compared to mine.
  5. You need to run three 4kw's and three 18's and send me some of those 15's >:-]
  6. I thought you had dual 2.8's? You have 1.4's?
  7. What is your battery situation right now? 6 or 7 and a h.o. alt?
  8. Are you up to try two amps at double the impedance they are at now, once you get at least one back? Be curious if that is louder than one at .7
  9. Yeah, about dropping into the 9's...haha. Two NS1's @ .25ish each. I'll be upping the battery capacitance so I'm hoping to at least keep the voltage up for no other reason than keeping the amps from smoking. This van is beast mode, but that Jeep is more beaster than beast. Jon is the loudest vehicle in the state, me second, that I'm aware of. I have pondered trading the two NS1's for four 4500's or something, but I think the cost difference may be stupid extra. I know with Mike having four TS3.5's, he is good for at least my amount of power, and he will have more cone if he uses all four 18's... it'll come down to install and experience at that point to see who can beat who. I need a sponsor for a lithium, like 4 sheets of birch, and 100' of 0g... aah the life of never being happy with what you got...
  10. I also live the same 20 min distance from TheAmpLab boys, so I'll be shuttling the amps up to them for a going over for HISPLS. I went to high school with one of them, so it's always nice to catch up anyway.
  11. OK. Let me find your DATS machine and get that back to you. I can pick those subs up and then painstakingly put them back in the van for one final test. Perhaps we can back the vehicles up again and do another NS1 vs 4kw, Minivan No Wall edition down the road after I install them when I have time. I also want to take my front seats out for some baseline testing. I know I can swing nuts at a 155.3 with my mid seats out and box pushed up pretty far on the riser. The only issue with putting both NS1's in is my voltage is shitola, hopefully I can get those two D3100's from Zak and integrate them easily. I just need wire, I think.
  12. Jon said it was the same board as something else, I don't remember what. I think the badging on one of the spares I got for him to get repaired said Helion 9000.1 or something. He mentioned a 10k, though. It sure put a hurting on my NS1. Good thing I have two to combat that problem >:-]
  13. Backed my rig up to his, swapped some speaker wire out, and we did some head to head testing of my Sundown NS1 @ .7 ohm vs his mammoth Shocker 4kw @ .7 ohm. The subs were a wall of Shocker Neo 15's, peaking at 43hz. Final results - Sundown NS1 - 154.20, Shocker 4kw 155.57. Thorough @$$ whipping!!!! My Eclipse Ti 12's next to a Shocker Sig 12 Corolla with a Shocker Sig Neo 12 My NS1 - ended up getting it .22db higher than the # on the screen at the end HISPLS Shocker 4kw

    Wtb eclipse 88150dv

    Alum 12 next to Ti 12