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  1. Honez

    appreciate the help with the install brother cant wait to really get this thing rolling :)

  2. req

    i gotta figure out if these batteries you have for sale will fit in a mazda3. could you give me measurements for HxWxD? if it will fit, id like one shipped to 23455. <br />

    <br />

    thanks man,<br />


  3. req

    yo man, whats happenin? you still in the coast guard and stuff? i just got off another deployment with the navy. where you been at? still around the east coast or are you out west now? well get at me man. its been a while. <br />

    <br />

    take it easy.<br />


  4. im currently on deployment with the US navy right now, but ill be back in July or August timeframe.

  5. you still in va beach/