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    Im white, i have longer hair
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    school, being a kid really
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  1. adam007

    Ipod Touch

    Thanks for the offer gonna pass..... Looking for a 18" sub. Can add moneys
  2. adam007

    Ipod Touch

    Link to specs please.....
  3. adam007

    Ipod Touch

    Yes sry second generation, with wifi etc.
  4. 8gb Ipod touch, used only a month or two. Few scratches on back from being in pocket, screens perfect. Pics will be up later.... all offers please include a picture or a link to a picture. Thanks
  5. adam007

    WTT Kicker KX1200 for itouch

    If it falls through, i can send mine out asap practially new.
  6. adam007

    New Idea

    u = fa!l
  7. adam007

    Whats it worth?? good bad?

    good lookin out.
  8. adam007

    Whats it worth?? good bad?

    U.S. Amps xTERMINATOR 4000w kids selling one brand new, still in box for 250. worth it?
  9. Looking for a pair, or individual please me me with prices....need very soon.
  10. So i got this truck with this old school system. Im going to port the box tommarow but need help 1 tuning it....and 2 slot port or aero??? I can get all the dememsions tommarow but just trying to get a general idea of what im looking at. and also how should i measure the cubes with the box being slanted inward??? It is all 1 big chamber and pushes alot of air, just kno it can get loder even tho its deff a buget system. Let me kno some ideas!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I no on higher end cars, the radio will adjust itself to road noise.... mayby something to look in to?
  12. need a amp?? If so what class and how many watts ill go see what i have
  13. adam007

    wtb paintball gear

    I forget hte name of them mode i think it omfg mode, The trigger is a double tap then goes into fully auto after like 3-4 sec. i believe i played indoor on a team for awhile and used this gun for almost 2 years before i got my pm7. and it still shoots faster then my pm7
  14. adam007

    wtb paintball gear

    gurantee you my gun is one of the fastest out there i think its like 32bps, and will never break a ball with the upgraded eye.