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  1. 6spdcoupe

    ZAPCO Symbalink

    Transmitters ? Fairly certain I still have a bunch of em ..
  2. 6spdcoupe

    Another Installer- North Jersey

    Really Dave ? Wanna provide some evidence to your claim ? I can surely show the opposite as well as how many YOU have straight up screwed over ..
  3. 6spdcoupe

    Amp(s) for system. KRX3s or Esotec 362s and a 10w6

    Focal or Dynaudio ... two completely different ends of the spectrum. Both great manufacturers but sound characteristics vary greatly. Decide which set you are doing First, then proceed with the amp.
  4. 6spdcoupe

    Unexpected Creations, Edison NJ

    Except for a few remote starts, basic installs and such we will need at least a week or so. Some things had to be ordered, some reconstructed, unfortunately there is no speedy service for ether. You can also email me .. mypearltpi@aol.com
  5. 6spdcoupe

    Unexpected Creations, Edison NJ

    My apologies for delay thus far. Irene got the better part of us here and I am still in the process of cleaning up/restoring along with trying to get work done. You have not been missed or forgotten about, just a bit delayed due to the circumstances.
  6. 6spdcoupe

    Zapco Customer Service = HORRIBLE

    Been selling/installing tons of DCRs for several years now and yes the problem has arose once or twice. However they were Extremely prompt about handling it, even expedited the exchange. However my curiosity lie in why are You having to deal with this ? How come your dealer is not making these calls/emails/concerns ? Did you have a cap in line with your tweeter ? Could have very possibly saved your tweeter. Shelly was recently ( a few months back) literally thrown into her position when some changes were made. She has an enormous plate in front of her which is a lot to handle especially when put into a position that was never expected. Cutting a little slack can go a long way. Still makes me wonder why your dealer has not handled this for you though ..
  7. Oh ****, forgot about this thread !
  8. 6spdcoupe

    JBL GTI 12 Subwoofer

    I'm still not skeered, you don't have it in ya !
  9. 6spdcoupe

    JBL GTI 12 Subwoofer

    You got nuttin on me kid !
  10. 6spdcoupe

    JBL GTI 12 Subwoofer

    Me I can always blackmail you.
  11. 6spdcoupe

    iTrader love for 6spdcoupe ?

    Wow, nuttin ?
  12. 6spdcoupe

    JBL GTI 12 Subwoofer

    Absolutely. I will just come steal the sub from you and trade with this fella.
  13. 6spdcoupe

    JBL GTI 12 Subwoofer

    What sort of home equipment ?
  14. 6spdcoupe

    Narrowed it down to 4 component sets which would u choose and y

    No problem. Please let me know if you need any further help.
  15. 6spdcoupe

    Narrowed it down to 4 component sets which would u choose and y

    I believe he has the SLCs in stock. He is one of my Rainbow dealers though. You could also try Spencer at SoCal Customs.