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  1. Hey, I currently have my 10" sub in a 1.25 cubic foot sealed enclosure. I was just wondering what the difference in sound is between sealed, bandpass, and ported enclosures? Thanks for listening! :patriotic
  2. Not sure if this should be here or in the reviews section, but anyways. I recently bought a sub/amp setup off eBay. One 10" Koiiler 800W Max sub, and one Metric Audio 1000W 2CH amp. I paid a total of $110 shipped. I'm relatively new to the car audio scene, but I must say I'm impressed with the SQ of the sub. I've heard numerous people badmouth Koiiler's products, but you really can't beat them for the price, $50 shipped. My sister's fiancee, who had a competition system in his Mustang (2 JL's ~$350 a piece new, RF 1200W amp, Alpine HU, Infinity mid's in doors, professional Dynamating from firewall back*drool*), helped me build a box for my sub and hook it all up, and he said it GREAT for 1 10". It's clean and clear. I just wanted to add my $.02. Very happy with my purchase and the quality of the sub.