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  1. sku

    Fi Q judgement day (SPL #'s inside)

    So Tuan, I'm curious to know what the answer is? I'm guessing the deep box will allow the air mass to flow into the port more easily or is it the other way around? Thanks!
  2. sku

    Washington Meet #3

    You free Sunday or Labor Day? So what did you hit on the TL so far?
  3. sku

    Washington Meet #3

    How'ie long you have it for?
  4. sku

    CarToys Tent Sale

    Ryan is LOUD...Howie is LOUD BTW Howie...she's mine now
  5. sku

    CarToys Tent Sale

    Looks good Ryan and Howie -- man I should have met up with you guys... I can't wait to hear your DCs with more power!!! I was too lazy...
  6. sku

    CarToys Tent Sale

    Hey Denis how ya been man Your stereo looks pretty nice man... Drop me a PM...I don't post on here too much... We should definitely meet up again! If I can make it -- I will be there (this Sunday) in the afternoon.
  7. sku

    CarToys Tent Sale

    Cool story.... It'd be great if we could get the CA crew out there on Sunday... Ridn -- since you posted first...just set a time and place for folks to gather at....
  8. Well thanks for being the guinea pig! Was it 1 of those RatShack meters?
  9. Got a good demo of Ridn's LOUD setup today... Loud, clean and clear! He hit close to 150 Back to the drawing board for me
  10. Very NICE!! I hope I get to HEAR this!
  11. You know what.... You're RIGHT You guys lit the loud spark in me again Howie, any chance we can have a TL meet this weekend? I think I'm only free Saturday however...
  12. Haha, my setup would be total weakness compared to your guy's
  13. Nice!!!! Sure wish I could have been. I know you got more in there Ryan! Good job Howie!
  14. Props to NoPhrr...I got a demo of it yesterday and it drops LOW and pounds! It still has so much potential (he's not running that much power to them yet)...
  15. sku

    ~~washington State Car Audio Meet~~

    I'm sure hoping to make it...just to check out all your cool systems... Not sure if I will have anything by then...or even if that is a good date for me or not...