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  1. destruction

    Apline SWR T10 power\box\install

    But that box has double the internal volume that i need right now and it takes up 2/3 of the underseat space. I can only give it the area below one seat. My truck is on the older side as well (08) so it will be replaced this year. Ideally i would want a universal enclosure.
  2. destruction

    Apline SWR T10 power\box\install

    If i went with a custom box, it would have to be Mr. Marv out in Cali. He built a few for me 6-7 years ago and his work is just insane. Its going under the rear seat of an 08 crewcab silverado. I went with shallow because i am very limited on space since it needs to fit under one of the rear seats.
  3. destruction

    Apline SWR T10 power\box\install

    Right now I have the shallow apline 10 in a prefab ported kicker truck wedge with a JL XD600/1 on it. The sub is rated for 600rms however since its a 4ohm svc, i can only give it ~400 watts with the 600/1. I am thinking about getting a sealed box and possibly replacing the amp. I am looking for some user opinions on this sub sealed vs ported. I know the box isn't ideal but its what i had and it works for now. Is 400w enough for this sub or would it really shine with 600w or more on it?
  4. destruction

    120Gb Zune Black/Mint

    no thanks, i would like to keep them together. If someone would buy the zune seperately then i would be willing to sell just the case but i don't want to end up with a zune and no case.
  5. destruction

    120Gb Zune Black/Mint

    right back at both of you.
  6. destruction

    120Gb Zune Black/Mint

    I have a black 120Gb zune in perfect shape with a nice rubberized case to protect it. Amazon.com: Speck Dragon Toughskin Rubberized Case for Zune 80/120 GB (Black): Electronics Only used in my truck and has always had the case on it. I can get any picture you want of it. 175 shipped via usps priority with dc.
  7. Just like the title says. It comes with the box, manual and decal. Tuner itself is in mint condition. The truck was returned to stock so its ready to be installed on any supported vehicle. More details here. DiabloSport :: Gas and Diesel Tuning Systems 230 shipped. paypal only.
  8. destruction

    WTB 700 to 1000 @ 2ohm

    kicker zx1000.1 235 shipped usps priority
  9. destruction

    Wtb Kicker 1000.1 Zx

    i have one for sale. 235 shipped
  10. destruction

    PS3 80 gig hardly used w/ UFC ($250)

    trade for a kicker zx 1000.1?
  11. destruction

    WTB: 12" 1000 Watt RMS Sub and Amp

    kicker zx1000.1 $235 shipped
  12. destruction

    LTB, cheapest 1k RMS

    i have a kicker ZX1000.1 for 235 shipped
  13. destruction

    Traxxas Slayer

    around 45 geared the way it is but you could regear and go 50+ 45 is plenty fast tho.
  14. destruction

    Traxxas Slayer

    What have you got
  15. destruction

    Top End Crimps

    Thomas & Betts TBM25S Comfort Crimp Compression Tool I used these for 4 barrel splices and haven't used them since. I paid 250 for them brand new. They are in excellent shape and work great. 130 shipped.