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  1. I am looking for a small amplifier that can run off headunit power to power coaxils ... can the ultra compact RF amps do this? Need a really small amp to stuff behind the headunit in the dash.
  2. I purchased a 2014 Mustang GT and need to upgrade the base stereo. At first I decided on a Pioneer 3500BT but I figured I should get something nicer so I was thinking the Appradio 3 or Parrot SMART... does anyone have experience with these headunits?? I think I would rather get the Appradio over the Parrot but I wanted to know if I can use a USB thumbdrive or harddrive with it? It says it has 1 USB rear out but I'm not sure if it's compatable with mass storage devices? I love the Parrot's idea however the fact it takes 20 seconds to load up, does not recall where you left off, and it's various bugs has me discouraged. If anyone has suggestions on these products or any others I would greatly appreciate it!!
  3. Sundown is sold to taquito
  4. OMG HAI2U !!! Still for sale !!
  5. Amp still for sale !!! NOTE::: When paying through paypal, I am not paying the fee's since I am already paying for shipping. Either gift the money or add the extra 15% in fees. It's not like i'm asking $550 for this amp anyways.
  6. I liked it very well, it has powered a set of components and then a small kicker Comp 12". You can tell after having a loud system with the TT2300 up front and the SAZ3k on a set of Mach5 SPL's , I have downgraded to just having a TT2300 on a single 12" down to just stock now. pm sent
  7. Nope, cash only ... I'm not interested in car audio anymore.
  8. Here, I actually went outside and recorded a quick video showing it works and doesn't go into protect.
  9. Amp is still for sale, I am located in the North Florida area so I can meet anywhere around here. I've been a member for a very long time and have done lots of buying/selling so you don't have to worry about me trying to cheat anyone for a measly $500 :P I'm just wanting to sell all my old audio crap that isn't used anymore so I can buy new stuff for my car
  10. Um no, there is no warranty... I'm not a store. Amp still for sale!!
  11. Yes it works, um no sorry... no returns if it doesn't work , I don't know what you did to it after you've received it. If you want I can post a video of it playing showing that it does infact work. You would simply paypal the money to me and once it clears I will ship you the amp. For what its worth I have been a member on this site for over 8 years , so you don't have to worry about me trying to scam or cheat anyone.