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  1. Need help with an Eclipse 8615.8 sub box.  The install manual says.."designed with small sealed enclosures in mind.", but gave no "ideal" volume or size parameters other than "small".

    Could you help me get an acceptable volume range for the box?. 

    I'm using a JL 300/4 v3 for this sub and other two channels for mid bass (90Hz- 200Hz).

    some specs from manual:

    speaker size: 15"

    Fs: 22Hz

    Total driver Q(Qts):  0.71

    Vas: 9.57ft^3

    8 Ohms, 7.2 voice coil resistance (DCR)

    Xmax: 0.413"  

    200 watts rms

  2. mobeious

    2014 silverado dual sa 10s

    Sure it it hit me up if u need some plans
  3. Im back ******* ... anyone that needs and enclosures designed .. hit me up