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  1. 768Mb Its been flashed to a BFG 8800GTX OC profile so if you buy this, I wouldn't recommend much additional OCing. As I stated in my thread I haven't tested it fully, but if you're serious, I will test it before you pay and guarantee it to not be DOA.
  2. http://www.caraudio.com/forums/miscellaneous-classifieds/501404-antec-902-nzxt-phantom-black-corsair-750tx-evga-8800gtx-asus-p6x58d-e-mobo.html#post7449968
  3. I forgot about that...I bought a new vehicle and it came with a working CD player sorry for not getting back to you.
  4. Ill do the Antec case and PSU for $190 shipped. If you want the 8800GTX Ill do $230 for all three items. I cant let the 1Tb drive go without the whole system going, sorry.
  5. Ill sell you my entire system for $1700 + Shipping...Its all less than a month old Either case you want i7 950 Coolermaster Hyper 212+ CPU cooler Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit Asus board in this thead (was going to set up to a rampage III) 6Gb Corsair Dominator GT 1866Mhz Corsair 750TX PSU 60Gb G.Skill Phoenix Pro SSD 1Tb WD Black 7200 HD Two Sapphire 6870 cards in crossfire Combo DVD/CD drive/burner Rosewell USB wireless adapter
  6. The only pic I have avail at work is the installed pic of the Antec and the others are of the NZXT. I dont care about car audio anymore so I dont need anything. Sorry...
  7. http://imageups.com/files/82/evga%201.JPG http://imageups.com/files/82/evga%202.JPG http://imageups.com/files/82/evga%203.JPG http://imageups.com/files/82/evga%204.JPG http://imageups.com/files/82/evga%205.JPG http://imageups.com/files/82/evga%206.JPG http://imageups.com/files/82/evga%207.JPG http://imageups.com/files/82/evga%208.JPG http://imageups.com/files/82/evga%209.JPG
  8. Item(s) for Sale: Antec 902 Computer Case (used for 1 week) NZXT Phantom (Black, Used for 4 days) SOLD! Corsair CMPSU-750TX (Used for 2 weeks) Asus P6X58D-E Mobo (Used for 2 weeks)(Never OC) EVGA Nvidia 8800GTX Item(s) Description/Condition: Each of these items were VERY lightly used and well cared for unless otherwise specified. Built a computer and still cant figure out what case I wish to use. I keep changing and these cases and PSU are the result. All items will have the manufacture warranty and proof of purchase can/will be provided if requeted. The EVGA graphics card I bought used, I have not tested to make sure it works, however I will not sell broken items, and I will guarantee it to not be DOA for 30 days once I have tested it. Price: Antec 902 Computer Case $85 shipped NZXT Phantom $110 shipped SOLD! Corsair CMPSU-750TX $85 shipped Asus P6X58D-E Mobo $205 shipped EVGA Nvidia 8800GTX $75 shipped Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: I ship to verified addresses only, no P.O. boxes. Cont 48 US states. UPS or Fedex (Your choice) insured if over $100 value Item Pictures: **I am at work, please allow me 24 hours to provide detailed pictures** http://www.aww-kittah-aww.com/up/public/191201/P1000052.JPG http://www.aww-kittah-aww.com/up/public/193299/P1000062.JPG http://www.aww-kittah-aww.com/up/public/193300/P1000064.JPG Feedback, since 10 feeback is required, I assume linking my old username is acceptable? http://www.caraudio.com/forums/search.php?searchid=665547 http://www.caraudio.com/forums/search.php?searchid=665551 I am also known under jntar on ebay
  9. Johnny Drama

    anyone still running SI subs

    I still have a 12" v3 mag I change out on occasion with a brahma...for home audio use lol
  10. Johnny Drama

    Wtb : Hu <$100

    Sent you a PM Offer above yours is better deck for less...sorry bro Interested' date=' but again there are better offers on the table. Good deck, but I'll pass. Ill pass, sorry.
  11. I use to use connections similar to that for my amplifiers. Streetwires use to make them.
  12. Johnny Drama

    Wtb : Hu <$100

    What models? I honestly couldnt tell you the models in specific Im looking for as I havent been into audio in a few years. Im probably looking for an Alpine unit from '00-'08
  13. Johnny Drama

    Wtb : Hu <$100

    Yep, my stock radio's CD player quit working. I need something cheap, but not cheaply made. Older Alpine, eclipse, or Pioneer that may be collecting dust is what I'm looking for. I dont particularly want to spend over $100, but that doesnt mean I wont if the right HU comes along.