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    travel too much right now
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  1. ugh... came back over here looking for a 2-ch amp for my son's truck and see this... tempting.
  2. the gadget that they used to sell for their 16v batteries. money ready.
  3. 6 Crossfire XS 15-d2 $1600 plus shipping. 3 are BNIB, 3 are sitting in my daily on 1kw TOTAL(tickling them) ::CROSSFIRE CAR AUDIO::
  4. djman37

    Pawnshop Score!

    look on the inside of the frame for a tag.
  5. meh, Total members 127 they do crack me up..living in NYC and complaining about noise from a car stereo.
  6. djman37

    fighting with boxes in my truck

    subs forward, slotted port up on the back wall, gear will most likely be in the bed. trucks setup this way can do over a 160. /thread
  7. djman37

    ???What's This Stuff???

    gosh, you must be on a loud team!!!!
  8. Looking for a Drive-16 or possibly a Drive-30.
  9. djman37

    anything in dallas area?

    i'm in maybe.
  10. i was told, and built, small boxes for my Sonances.
  11. others > massive of those 3, I would choose the Orion. go look up an older thread about 2500d vs 20.1
  12. djman37

    How much power should I run To my sub

    you will have to listen and decide.
  13. try keeping your input signal to 3v total. if you use two RCAs 1.5ish each.