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  1. ace_800

    Wolfram 3000.1 for 2 IDQ 10's?

    I ran 4 12" IDQ's off a mmats 4000.05(3800rms actual power) and I couldn't touch the gain and they got warm after about 20 mins of play ft
  2. ace_800

    Out the audio game :(

    currently has a custom center console with a crossfire c7 or something in it. Not sure on the amp or if anything is upfront.....fully bagged and bodied though and 700hp...plus 19+mpg city diesel....I'm game
  3. ace_800

    Out the audio game :(

    Nice truck. I just bought this and have it waiting on me next month [ATTACH=CONFIG]26557358[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26557359[/ATTACH]
  4. More info, pics? And still looking
  5. Let me know what you are looking for it Yes
  6. Can ship USPS, zip is 96367
  7. Looking for a co-worker. Trying to stay around $200 shipped.
  8. Item(s) for Sale: ^^^ Item(s) Description/Condition: Used but in very good shape. Minor scratch on the top right, but touch screen works perfect. Has BT, USB, HDMI for mirrorlink, 3 5v preouts, DVD capable. Comes with harness, remote, mic, trim ring, cage and original box. Price: $250obo shipped Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: included usps priority insured Item Pictures: [ATTACH=CONFIG]26556533[/ATTACH]
  9. ace_800

    Want ****** minds!!! 6.5/6.75 Help and 5.25help??

    There pretty beefy....3.76" Sent from my SCL24 using Tapatalk
  10. ace_800

    Want ****** minds!!! 6.5/6.75 Help and 5.25help??

    $125 shipped and these are the American built ones
  11. ace_800

    Want ****** minds!!! 6.5/6.75 Help and 5.25help??

    I have a set of ****** RE XXX 6.5's for sale. There the pre buyout ones, not the crap that's made now. Beefy AF, rated at 150rms ea
  12. Not much honestly. The cheaper, without being sony xplode/boss, the better.
  13. No Craigslist where I'm at and I know there are beat up amps on here, been here long enough to see them Sent from my SCL24 using Tapatalk
  14. Deployed.... Sent from my SCL24 using Tapatalk
  15. No, just would need to ship it USPS. Same as shipping anywhere in the US. I have a stateside shipping address and zip. 96367