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  1. I made a mock up of my glovebox build today but I don't know if I want to glass it or just do ABS work on it...or just use 1/4 inch MDF. I used cardboard to mock it up and don't mind the flat surfaces at all really, I just don't know what size ABS plastic would be best for the build. Would something like 1/8 inch be thick enough? I'm thinking I would just scuff/sand the mating edges and use some kind of epoxy like duramix 40/40 or similar to bond it and make it rigid. Does anybody have any tips for me, or can confirm thickness of the ABS needed? Pic below.
  2. saywhat?

    Home Studio Monitors..

    I want to build a set of studio monitors for a studio I am starting to slowly build up. I am not 100% sure on how things are worked with crossovers and such as right now I am just working with a surround type setup. I don't want to spend a lot, but I don't want to build a crap setup that won't be an upgrade. I would like to run tweeters, mids, and a 8 inch sub. What should I be looking at doing here?
  3. saywhat?

    JVC AVX720 usb organization

    Just wondering if anyone has figured out a good way to organize music on a hard drive for these units, or the 820 even. Me and my buddy have one, and can't get all our music to show up on the player when plugged up to the HD. Is there a certain folder organization it recognizes?
  4. saywhat?

    "Studio monitors"

    Setting up a little mini studio in my room with a M-Audio Trigger Finger, Fruity Loops/Ableton 7, and a midi keyboard. Hoping for a turn table, preamp, and sound card afterwards but need some decent speakers first. What do I need to look for to run within all of this? I have seen them with RCA, and Midi inputs, but I want to spend like 100 or so roughly, not close to 200. Any help is appreciated.
  5. saywhat?

    IDA-X200 help...

    Anyone? We don't really want all this music on the internal drive, just play it thru the player from our thumb drives. Is there a way to disable banking or anything like that?
  6. i hate you more than anyone. you get my info, say youll ship in the morning, and you back out. i ****ing hate you more than anyone right now. if you DONT WANT IT, dont ****ing lead people on. **** YOU
  7. If I have sold/bought anything from you including box plans, please post your experience. It's been so long I don't remember who all bought what from me.
  8. have an offer for a jbl 2 channel amp and am interested in it. i need to know if its possible to wire 2 componant sets (4 ohm each) including tweeters to a 2 channel amp safely. anybody? less jumbled: 2 componant sets (4 ohm) 1 two channel amp # 4 Ohms: 180 watts x 2 chan. # 2 Ohms: 290 watts x 2 chan. can i wire safely?
  9. I've got a TCI parallel 4 link kit that needs some new bushings and sleeves, I emailed TCI and they are still able to get you those ends you just have to shoot em an email (will provide that address for you). Also I have a pair of firestone sleeve bags that I will let go, one has a slight rub but it still airs up and holds air. This one would probably need replacing, but a fine option for mock up. Lastly I have some below/behind bag mounts, so it's all the major stuff you need for a rear setup... link-> 55+ ship bags-> 40+ ship brackets-> 20+ ship _____________________ 115 total Will let everything go for 100+ ship or piece out seperately. All four link bars go together, both bags go together, all brackets go together.
  10. saywhat?

    wholesale places?

    are there wholesale audio places that you can get in given you have a business/tax id number? i know there used to be one but i cant find it anymore! it didnt have a buy in or anything.
  11. saywhat?

    Rate my budget setup....

    __________________________________ Want: 2x Phoenix Gold RSD65CS 2x SSA Icon or 2x IA Lethal Injection or 2x AA Havoc (10" in any of these) 1x nine.1 (or similar) 1x nine.4 (or similar) knu wiring set scew lugs for all connections Alpine IDA-X303 2v preout --this goes under the seat. Have: Alpine tape deck w/ Benzi Box and 6 disc changer I know the RSD's are cheap componants, and if I don't like em they will be replaced but im not too picky as long it's not distorted and all. This will be in a blow thru type deal where we extend the back wall of the truck with sheet metal and steel tubing. Little different, but should work just fine. Subs will be ported at ~32-37. Could I change anything and keep my budget/spending pretty close? Also, the reason for two head units is that my truck is late 80s, early 90s minitruck. I want the old alpine pull out in the dash, 6 disc changer in the glove box, and then the new alpine mp3 setup under the seat, so I have that option as well. Going to be running a 140 amp gm1 wire alt. EDIT: if its not a real cd, its in my ipod. if its a real cd it will go in the changer. don't like the quality of burned stuff but the ipod keeps all the quality it can, so all my d/l stuff goes on there.
  12. saywhat?

    good loud SEALED woofers?

    we are going to do a small blowthru on the truck and i want to run 3 12's sealed, or 4 10's sealed. i dont want to port as this is a tiny truck and i dont need all that. I just want something that will hit real nice and not take up too much room. I can only go so deep because of the tubing work on the frame.
  13. saywhat?

    over excursion....

    I've got a few good re8's and one that seems to push too much at times. I'm not sure which one it is, and i'm not sure why it does what it does. Is there a general rule behind this happening? It was in a box of 4, and only one did it...Could it have just been wired wrong, in both setups?
  14. pro 7. would you please pm me. i need a simple favor.
  15. saywhat?

    Mazda 6 + iPOD?

    Does anyone know if the 06 mazda 6's have a 3.5mm headphone input jack on the back of the deck? it's a 6 disc changer and the dash kit for it is **** near 250 local. I bought my brother a new alpine deck with just mp3 support and well....300to install it is pure insanity. Does anyone know a way around buying one of these 100+ dollar setups to get the ipod to work on this car?