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  1. cjjackson85

    bd5034 = great buyer

    Paid my asking price for my iPod Mini via PayPal = A+. I love you.
  2. Gave me money for my stuff. Can't get any better than that.
  3. Decided to splurge a little this week. I was pretty set on the Alpine CDA-9855 but I fell in love with the simple look of this one. If you think it looks good below, it looks even better in person . http://www.clarion.com/usa/products/2004_products/source_units/DRZ9255.html It retails at $1399.99 but I picked this one up at about half that, new... Box Manual Remote Control & DC/DC Converter The Money Shot! I guess all that's left is to install it ...
  4. 220A Iraggi alternator - Amputator series, 175A idle w/ lifetime warranty... from the group buy... Now to install it...
  5. cjjackson85

    Adire Audio Updated Site

    I'm not sure if this is old new or not, the search button shows it is not... I was looking for the Adire Audio logo to when I noticed they have their new site up... http://www.adireaudio.com
  6. Ngsm13 wanted some XXX mids. I had a pair. Bobo244 had some Adire Koda 8s. I wanted a pair. Ngsm13 bought the Kodas from Bobo and traded me for my XXX mids. Everything worked out fine... Here's some comparison pics before I sent the XXXs off to Ngsm13...
  7. cjjackson85

    Effendi = Good Seller

    I got this kick ass Dual deck from Effendi today, a day early in fact... Great communication on MSN messenger and very easy to work with. Just as described... Thanks...
  8. cjjackson85

    Orion amps... check!

    The UPS man was nice enough to leave me my new 2500D w/ RGC-1 today, I already had the 8004... 2500D, 8004, RGC-1 Out of the boxes Stickers off, caps on 2500D 8004 RGC-1
  9. Figured I'd post this for the hell of it. I'd like one in relatively good condition. PM me with your asking price.
  10. cjjackson85

    Tirefryr = Great Seller

    Very fast communication & very fast shipping. Highly recommended!!
  11. If anyone has one or knows where I can get one, let me know. I need one that looks like this
  12. I was announced as the winner of the raffle on Wednesday the 2nd . I decided on the eDead the following morning. Swimfreak26 placed the order on the same day & provided me with proof of purchase. The eDead was receieved from UPS on Tuesday the 8th, less than a week from the end of the auction. Very fast & professional! The raffle is legit. Here's a pic of my new cans :boobies: :
  13. cjjackson85

    Say hello to my little friend(s)! XXX

    For those of you who had to wait for the GB to ship out, gotta wait . Got these from jlaine on sin.net, arrived today, cheaper then the GB $$ too. Now presenting my xxx mids... Top View Magnets Up Can Comparison Height Width The Orion 8004 to power them
  14. cjjackson85

    Orion 8004 Arrived!

    Put few more pics up. 1 more piece of my next big system has arrived. 7 more to go! Box Overview Overview w/ Ends Terminals Inputs