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  1. Rich00

    what HU's everyone using these days

    I'm using the kenwood x998 as well. There is only a few single dins of better quality. I've been looking.
  2. Rich00

    Amp powers off w/ heavy bass

    Perhaps loose ground when the bass hits it comes unhooked.
  3. Yeah I see that. I won't buy it. Thats why i asked. To good to be true
  4. So the tuning isn't 33hz ok. 1.5ft^3 is ok. I haven't chose a sub yet. But 45hz tuning no way i wouldn't do that.
  5. It's not that price. I found it for $79
  6. Would you tell me why? This wont be a high power system and people in my area charge too much for ported boxes.
  7. https://www.atrendusa.com/12-single-truck-large-vented I know atrend aren't the best boxes. The specs look ok on this box tuned low, big enough for most, will fit in my truck. I'm just curious. I may look at doing this with one of those yardsale SA LCS 12".
  8. Rich00

    Cheap eBay Heads

    If you buy a double din you have to cut the inner dash to make it fit and get the navigation bezel for it. I have a 2005 regular cab with a kenwood excelon x998 and its great. I didn't want to cut my dash. Stay away from cheap ebay head units they are JUNK.
  9. Rich00

    digital media head unit recommendation

    Just go look at specs. Crutchfield, amazon, sonicelctronix, Just go look at media receivers at those sites and make the decision for you yourself.
  10. Rich00

    digital media head unit recommendation

    amazon has lots of them. I prefer kenwood HU. Pioneer, alpine, jvc all make them. https://www.crutchfield.com/S-kSPUNbow1XX/p_113KMBT522/Kenwood-KMM-BT522HD.html
  11. Yes if you want to keep all your chimes and such. I may have one still from 07 dodge.
  12. Rich00

    2 8's or 1 12?

    I've had multiple 8" set ups. I love them. All im saying is this 12w1v2 is pretty beastly in this truck. Now to find some 8's 150w ea and 2ohm final load, shallowish This is my setup from 2007. http://forum.realmofexcursion.com/videos/2023/re-audio-re8-21.html 2 RE 8's ported off an alpine pdx amp
  13. Rich00

    2 8's or 1 12?

    I was thinking the 8's (i dont have yet). This 12" is pretty good in a regular cab pickup.
  14. Rich00

    2 8's or 1 12?

    Ok so I have a custom box for 2 8"s for my truck ported tuned to 33-38 I forget exactly. Right now I've got a single 12" in a truck box. My question is what would be louder 2 8's ported or 1 12" sealed. I have 300 watts to work with and pretty shallow. This box was designed for re se 8's.
  15. Rich00

    Well the GMC truck is gone...

    Yes the x998 is a nice unit but the display is terrible. If it's sunny out you can't read it. Getting the windows tinted will help but its still difficult.