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  1. Rich00

    Old School Roll Call

    What happened to it? I know it died but does anyone know why? I used to be around here daily. Didn't post a lot of junk only on things I had info on. Thus why low post count.
  2. Rich00

    Old School Roll Call

    Been popping in and its been dead for a while.
  3. Rich00

    Help Identify This Subwoofer

    Maybe a recone? Custom sub like "psi" would build.
  4. Rich00

    Quad cab dodge truck sub

    Well good news for me and my pocketbook anyway. I owned a JL cp108lg that has a 8w3v3 in a ported jl box. My dad decided to sell his truck that it was in so I got it back. Now this little thing has found a home under my passenger seat. It does everything I want it to do. It gets plenty loud for me and sounds good doing it. So I'm pleased that I don't have to find a new sub and box.
  5. Rich00

    Quad cab dodge truck sub

    So I currently have nothing. I owned this truck before and put the components in it and put my head unit in it. The front stage is pretty good. To my liking anyway. I had 2 JL 10w0v3 in that atrend box box and it sounded good. I had no complaints. Seeing as though im getting married in august. Im not putting the dual 10" box back in this truck. That is why I say 1 better 10".
  6. Rich00

    Quad cab dodge truck sub

    I've used this amp on 2 10's before and it sounded great thus why I was gonna move to one 10" "better" than a 10w0v3
  7. Rich00

    Quad cab dodge truck sub

    Why do you say the sub will get 100watts? No im not upgrading amps ever. This is the perfect amp for my setup. I'm poor broke and live in the ghetto and getting married soon this will be my last system most likely
  8. Rich00

    Quad cab dodge truck sub

    2007 dodge quad cab. I’m gonna do the single 10” sub box. I have a JL xd amp that is ~300 watts at 2ohm. That box is around .65ft^3. I’m intrigued by the FU 300 and wolfram al 10”. Budget is is hopefully less than $100 for just sub.
  9. Rich00

    Building a new system for my truck

    I think that if you don't connect with app thing you would better off. Just pair your phone to the radio. That way it doesn't interfere with phone operations.
  10. Man that car is so technology packed. First things first you do need a processor. Honda does use good speakers just doesn't have a good amplifier. You may want to try getting on a honda accord board. Cause with all that technology I'm afraid you might lose of it when you go messing with the radio.
  11. I would probably have to go with 2 sealed for cone area. 1 8" sub even ported probably won't be enough bass for you. It's too bad you have those skar's because there is 8" subs that work in like .5ft^3 ported and 2 in that would sound so much better. I've never ran with 2 8" sealed so I cannot tell you the output. In one of my trucks I had the JL CP108lg a 8w3v3 in ported jl box and it sounded good. Not enough bass for me but in a regular cab truck what do you do.
  12. To answer your question an undersized ported box will not sound very good in my opinion. I would see if you can make 3 of them fit sealed.
  13. Rich00

    Old School Roll Call

    Old school you say?!?!
  14. Very nice man! Glad you like it.
  15. For you application go look at the jl audio enclosed subs. They have an amplified line and non amplified line. They make an 8", 10", and 12" version. I'm almost 40 as well. I know the feeling you are getting. You want clean bass that adds to your music not that takes over your music. I know people here will tell you to go 2 10's ported and some such but that will kill your mids and highs. Go find a honda forum and ask about these honda Head units. I had a 2009 civic si and it's head unit had balanced line outputs and a guy had made a wiring harness to add an amp to it. It sounded great. I'm not sure if that accord has that or not.