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  1. are gonna do a blow though and are you set on just those subs
  2. nuboot

    15 inch subwoofer

    i got a variety of subs i got 6 hifonics brutus 15s Dual4 i got 2 soundstream 15s dual4 (would have to take them out to tell you the exact model, but have them on my cactus 5k) i got 4 db drive plw 15s that need to be reconed all priced well below what you want to pay, getting rid of them because I'm moving and don't want to take them with me also clear your inbox, you can't receive any pms
  3. nuboot

    eight 10s

    i was about to get my 15s rebuilt into 10s or 12s but im liking those DRA 10s, whats the quote on them coming to 73505
  4. nuboot

    Mmats juggernaut 12's

    if my 15s were beefy enough i would trade you in a heart beat
  5. nuboot

    Wtb 15

    you can buy some hifonics brutus 15s from me for 65 shipped a piece
  6. nuboot

    2 or 4 amps for 6 15s

    so i decided to try out the hifonics brutus 15s. i know they arent the greatest subs but felt like i wanted to try them. so i got 6 of them now my issue is i have 4 powerbass 3k amps and i know that it is to much power for them but i could just keep the gains down. i am looking to put them in about 18 cubes maybe a little less but my question is would you use all 4 amps or just 2 of them
  7. nuboot

    powerbass xa3000d

    found and paid for plz lock
  8. as the title states. i need a total of 2 more hopefully someone has atleast 1 that works they dont mind getting rid of
  9. dont care about the board. the amps dont even have to work the are just collectables. now that is a nice amp but i dont think its long enough
  10. would like to buy 1 or 2 amps by the end of the week so im going to say friday i will make another purchase. so if you got one 30inches ( or close to it) or longer shoot me a pic and a price shipped to 73507
  11. still got about 700 left for some amps, mono block/2channel whatever let me know what you got
  12. also i dont know if i mentioned this but i am not going tobe using these amps they will just be sitting in my collection. so the amount of power is irrelevant just focused on the size
  13. nice amp but probably out of my price range for the moment
  14. sweet too bad i dont swim or surf lol