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  1. stupify

    Odyssey PC 1700

    I had two of these back in the day great batteries .. I'll take 1 if u decide to ship
  2. I'm just interested in the mids how much?
  3. stupify

    My first home theatre build, need help

    these http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=448279
  4. stupify

    FS: Verizon EnV 2

    sorry forgot to put that haha $100 plus shipping
  5. selling because I got the enV 3 I'll try and get better pictures tonight $100 plus shipping
  6. stupify

    Verizon Cell Phones

    where in ia are you located?
  7. V is one of the most honest *****es on this board. I've done a lot of transactions with him in the past and everything went fine. Lucky I didn't get the cd player I would have told you to eat shit and take back your pos you sent me.
  8. stupify

    ufc 2009 for 360

    Pictures for my cousin.. Also he is selling it because we both have it and never play online with it so we can just use one disk for career mode
  9. I have a 15" TC LMT/LMS 4000 prototype
  10. stupify

    Question for BA Pro 6.5's

    I had over 200 watts on my pro's when I had them.. took it like a champ .. stupid tweeter is way to harsh though
  11. $275 shipped lower 48 with paypal included .. wont go any lower then that
  12. sorry i have enough car audio stuff laying around I'm not using. I don't even have a stereo in my car.