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  1. Hey peoplez, I was just wondering if anybody knows of a formula that I can use to calculate if my subs will be in a "bessel alignment". I'd really appreciate it. If there is a website that has a calculator to figure it up, if you could give me the web address that would be GREAT. Thanx, Shalom
  2. I haven't heard the Treos, but I have heard the Eclipse SW9 series. I had the 15" Titanium. It sounded real good, they just have poor cone area due to the large surround. So if you looking for loudness & clarity, IMO, the/my Crystals would be the way to go But honestly, if you don't have enough power, it might be better to go with the Eclipse subs or maybe the Treos. You could power both Eclipse 10's with the power you'd need for ONE of those Crystals. Also think about the money for the correct size amp(s), and your electrical system. But the Crystals would DEFINATELY be louder. Don't choose on the spur of the moment. Choose wisely. If I would have chosen wisely, I would only have ONE Crystal 15" instead of two, and more money in my pocket,lol.
  3. WarDrumz

    Got my ED 15 AE (pics)

    You didn't see the hole in the back of the magnet? I guess he wanted some privacy. I be strokin' to the east, strokin' to the west..I be strokin'... j/k
  4. WarDrumz

    Got my ED 15 AE (pics)

    Hey, Are you going to be running your 15AE JUST off that JBL 600.1 in your sig? If so, I hope your going to upgrade your amp sometime REALLY soon. Like right after you break your sub in. Plus you said your going sealed, and that little amount of power with the inefficiency of sealed boxes might not make very much output. Maybe fine for breaking the sub in though. But I guess if you make your sealed box a nice amount larger than recommended, it might equal out. Like I said earlier, mine is in a 3.4 cubic feet vented box, and I'm giving it every bit of my Brutus 1500D. But too, I don't know what your trying to get from your 15AE, so I'm just giving some advice that MIGHT be useful to you.
  5. WarDrumz

    Got my ED 15 AE (pics)

    If you set everything up properly, you'll love it. I'm VERY satisfied with mine. I went ahead and followed ED's one week break in period. I gave it a little less than half power. Then after one week a gave it 3/4 power. Now (2 weeks) I give it all my Brutus 1500D can give, and it takes it no problem. And it's in a vented box quite a bit larger than recommended, still it takes ~1500 watts like a champ. And man can it move! On drum hits from Twista's cd Adrenaline Rush, it moves about 1.5" just off regular music. If I popped in my Bass Mekanik it would probably move 2" no problem. Check my sig for my setup. It's still amazing how loud it gets in a box tuned @ 24hz. I like boxes bigger than recommended. It allows for more excursion, less power you need to push it to it's potential, and I think bigger boxes help subs to sound smoother. It's noticeably louder than my friend's 2 Audiobahn 15's. Even though it's not fair bcuz my Crystal sub wasn't in a box 1 cubic feet over the recommended volume, BUT, Ima go ahead and say I think it's louder, and sounds smoother. Given the same box though. You'll love it bruh. Trust me
  6. WarDrumz

    Holy mother of god, Powerbase PBX 15" installed

    Stangme01, you should put a review in the 'review section'. I think Trixter has a review on a Powerbass sub, but I don't remember which model.
  7. WarDrumz

    Which Subs? All About SQ For Me

    The IDMAX is nice. If your trying to stay under $400, and not get close if possible, than I'd stay away from the JL's. I've heard great things about the Diamond TDX, but I believe they require quite a bit of power. Which might require you to get a bigger, more expesive amplifier. I've owned Eclipse Titaniums. They sound pretty darn good, but they have poor cone area due to their large surround. And I don't know about Audiobahn for all out SQ. All the Audiobahns I've heard weren't that great in that department. Let me suggest a couple other choices that you should DEFINATELY look into for all out SQ. And I have owned these. Crystal CMPx2 or COMPx2 Elemental Designs A series http://www.crystalmobilesound.com http://www.edesignaudio.com You can probably get the ED A series for well under your budget, and they sound beautiful. Check their clearance rack. They have quite a few that they're trying to get rid of since they're coming out with a new model. The Crystals are outstanding aswell. Btw, don't be scared away by the price on their website, you can get them for MUCH cheaper if you search around. Both are nice subs, with a nice amount of xmax to get the bass pumping, but at the same time their very clear, and blend well with your system. Also whatever sub you decide to get, don't think that the sub will reproduce your music to the peak of it's ability if you just toss it in any enclosure. Make sure you get a custom built enclosure for it to perform at it's full potential--> http://www.gnomeaudio.com For "optimum" performance, get it made to the manufacturers specifications And have a little bit more power than necessary to decrease the chance of you sending your sub clipped power due to you pushing a smaller amp to it's max. If possible find an amp about 50-200rms more than what the sub requires. If anything, sending it a little more 'clean' power than the sub is rated won't hurt NEARLY as much as you sending the sub major distorted clipped power. I hope your happy with whatever choice you make. Good Luck
  8. WarDrumz

    were to buy a good box

    If I were you I'd visit: http://www.gnomeaudio.com He (Don)^ builds some VERY solid boxes. I know. I have one from him. The one in my signature. Just makes sure you check with him on how fast he can get it finished and shipped to you. Bcuz sometimes he gets swamped, and it takes awhile Subzero makes nice boxes too. My friends have some of those. But in my opinion Subzero sub boxes are tuned too high. The lowest tuning I remember seeing was 37Hz. Which is no problem if you prefer more SPL over sound quality, but if your like me and prefer more sound quality than SPL, then I'd pass on the Subzero boxes. Check with Don at GnomeAudio Holla..
  9. WarDrumz

    Are Audiobahns Watts true....?

    "of course i would go with the sub that has more watts, the Audiobahn"... A sub doesn't HAVE more watts, it HANDLES more watts And power handling is not a tell all, end all approach to finding a good loud sub. "I already have a 700 watt rms sub and i want to get more than 50 watts if i change my subs." Just bcuz a subwoofer can hold more power, it doesn't mean that it's automatically gonna be louder. Nor does it mean it's any better. It may not be louder at all. Let's say Sony makes a sub that holds 700 watts rms, and that's the sub you own. It has an 18mm each way xmax. An Eclipse Titanium 15" has a 750 watt rms power handling, with a 3.5" peak to peak, and I GUARANTEE you it will smash the Sony. But wait, it's only 50 watts more? There are many other things to consider. Xmax, cone area, what size enclosure the power handling is rated at, etc. There are quite a few subs that have a power handling only 50 watts rms higher than your 700 watt sub, like the Eclipse. And many of them could make a significant increase in SPL over your current sub, and sound better. And at the same time, some of them could outperform a 1000 watt rms sub, if fed the proper power, and setup correctly. Power handling definately isn't EVERYTHING Btw, I have 2 Crystal CMPx2 15's, they hold 1600wrms. I also have an ED 15AE, which holds 1000wrms.... And to me, the 15AE is every bit as loud as one of my Crystal subs. And the power handling is 600wrms less. I personally don't like subs that you have to feed a million watts for them to put out their potential. That's bigger amplifiers your gonna need, and quite possibly some electrical system upgrades. And if your L7 is setup properly, it could kill the Audiobahn in SPL. And if it holds 750wrms like you said, then it doesn't need as many watts as the Audiobahn might need to kick some ass,lol. I hope I've helped. Good luck with your pick
  10. WarDrumz

    ED 15AE Aluminum Cone Observations

    Welp, I got it moving about 1.5" now And that's just with regular music...Lil' Jon. And it's still as clear as can be. I've been in some peoples' cars where their subs made almost all drums sound the same. Yeah, some were louder than others, but they all sounded the same. With this sub I can tell every little difference between drums. It's wonderful,lol. Some drums hit HARD, some just punchy, some springy. The SQ is remarkable. I'd even dare to say it sounds even tad bit better than my Crystal CMPx2 15's, but that wouldn't exactly be fair, bcuz my Crystal sub was in an optimum vented box, and I put the 15AE in that same box, which is 1 cubic foot over optimum (~3.3 cubic feet). I think larger boxes make them sound better, especially when it's tuned as low as mine is, 24hz. I wish I had the room to put my Crystal in a 4.2 cubic feet vented box @24hz, then that would be a fair comparison... BUT, using the exact same box, the ED 15AE does, IMO, sound better. Money well spent And less strain on my electrical system to power it. 2 :thumbsup
  11. WarDrumz

    ED 15AE Aluminum Cone Observations

    After breaking my 15AE in for a week I decided to give it around +/- 800wrms in my setup (see my sig). OMG! The guy that reviewed the sub on ED website was right. You can literally cram your music down peoplez throats with this thing. I put in my Lil' Jon CD, for regular music excursion purposes only. I played track #2 Throw It Up. I popped my trunk to see how far my sub was moving. Man, it had to be literally moving ~1.25" (only ~800 watts). It looked wonderful. My rearview mirror headed south as soon as the bass dropped,lol. THEN, I played Twista- Overdose. !!!!!!! That song shakes EVERYTHING. I'm not one of those people that try to be heard from long distances, but I seen people walking up the side walk WAY up the streets I drove down looking back to see who was beatin'. As soon as I drove through this one neighborhood, I couldn't pay people to stop looking at me. That thing is freakin awesome. It gets loud as you need, and it sounds wonderful doing it. I'm still in shock that it gets THAT loud in a box tuned @24hz. I can't imagine, and refuse to try it in my box tuned @35hz with a bigger vent. I'd definately ruin my ears if I did that. Right now I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase, and it's still not even broke all the way in yet. Alas,
  12. WarDrumz

    ED 15AE Aluminum Cone Observations

    Can anyone find my "Qtc" for me? As you know I have the ED 15AE, and I have a 3.3/3.4 cubic feet vented box tuned @24hz, with 31 sq.in. of vent area. Check my sig. If someone could please let me know my Qtc that would be great I'm just curious... Thanx
  13. WarDrumz

    Subwoofer/Speaker Break-in Period

    I've been impatiently "breaking-in" my ED 15AE for 6 days now. I think this is the first speaker I've had to do this. I can understand them recommending you not to hit them with 1000wrms as soon as you hook them up, but a full week is too long. O-well, the wait is almost over. If you insist on breaking them in quickly before you put them in you car, hook them up free air to your home system and play test tones and sweeps with about 30 watts while you go to work, for about 2 days. That should work
  14. WarDrumz


    Hmmm, That's strange Sounddomain is the reason I have MY Hifonics 1500D AND Hifonics ZX4000. And what makes it strange is, that Ikesound is the place that had the price that they beat. The exact same price ikesound has now is the price they beat. Maybe it's just bcuz I do alot of business with them. I don't know. But they've NEVER turned me down. Even for the Rockford 1500bd for $475, which is/was WAY below what sounddomain had it for. Sorry to hear that man Maybe they're starting to loose money due to people doing price matches TOO much, with prices way under their advertised prices. Sorry bro...