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  1. Sleeklsc

    Free-air sub setup- Is this legit?

    They are probably an older version of these. http://www.jlaudio.com/m12ib6-cg-tb-marine-audio-m-series-subwoofer-drivers-91839
  2. A member in one of the groups i'm apart of has this install. It has never made any sense to me. Anyone care to dissect it for me? It's a pair of free-air JL 12's firing directly into the back seat. Isn't the point to separate the front and rear waves? I don't think firing the front wave into a brick wall is part of the plan. Please correct me if i'm wrong.
  3. Sleeklsc

    Welcome back

    I appreciate the work put into the refresh, but do "they" think that it will increase traffic? The lack of recent posts at the top almost makes it not worth visiting anymore. Yes there is a recent post option but that isn't nearly as direct. I miss the olden days where the recent post box was filled with posts not even an hour old.
  4. Sleeklsc

    Older mtx 8500 question

    It really comes down to what type of box you plan on using. Regardless, It's always better to have more power on tap than not enough. I'd feel very confident with that combo.
  5. Sleeklsc

    Older mtx 8500 question

    That's a pretty good match. I had 3 8000's (500rms/ea) on a modded 1501d back in the day and they handled the power. Just set it up right and you should be just fine.
  6. Sleeklsc

    JBL or Infinity subs

    Flip a coin. Infinitys look better to me (Visually) and have the same power handling despite having a smaller coil. Both have very similar basic specs between the two. I've always associated the Kappas with being great sounding woofers, though that was 10+ years ago. Unfortunately I can't add anything that you don't already know.
  7. As others have said, if he isn't asking over pp bb and the vehicle is priced similar to others in your area I'd consider the stereo a good selling point. Though it's not worth paying much over. If I saw two exact cars for sale and one had a half decent stereo I'd choose the one with the stereo. 1) Because it was professionally done (Quality varies, but still). 2)You can rip it out, sell it and buy different stuff if needed (Value)
  8. Sleeklsc

    Certain subwoofers

    Some people enjoy making installs more complicated than they have to be, trying to squeeze every last db out of their substage. I guess that's part of the hobby. Me? K.i.s.s. I ran the same setup for nearly a decade and was perfectly content. Sealed box, pair of 12's on ample power =
  9. Sleeklsc

    Weird thing just happened on my way home

    I'm pretty sure he meant to say 2 sets, 4 total.
  10. Sleeklsc

    Weird thing just happened on my way home

    1- What type of amps? 2- 100 outside means.... “When temperatures outside range from 80 degrees to 100 degrees, the temperature inside a car parked in direct sunlight can quickly climb to between 130 to 172.” You then cranked the stereo for the drive home which generated even more heat sending it into thermal protection. That's a lot for any amp to handle imho.
  11. Sleeklsc

    15% OFF everything on ebay til 9pm today

    Picked up assorted strap-ons for me and the lady. Unfortunately we don't have the same preferences or we could've saved even more money.
  12. Sleeklsc

    APMI-2000 running @ .5ohm? Anyone tried it

    Good luck
  13. Sleeklsc

    APMI-2000 running @ .5ohm? Anyone tried it

    The apcle-1800 did 2965 dynamically . He did not test .5 on the apmi 2000. 10:11
  14. Sleeklsc

    Some of todays WTF classifieds

    Rookie move, Sleek. Rookie move.