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  1. Same board with various ones having small differences. I was a dealer for them and a sponsored competitor during their time of good products (all 3 lines are owned by the anaba group).
  2. They are slightly different designs. Just like the HK4kD is a little different as well.
  3. The clamp results are all over the place with them at 1 ohm. We saw around 5.3k out of most (@15v), but they were not efficient at all at 1 ohm.
  4. pro-rabbit

    Sub/port direction in trunk

    It depends on enclosure design as well. Subs and port forward can sound amazing while being loud. So can port to the side if there is space for it.
  5. No one has mentioned the idea behind tuning the bandpass for spl yet? I find that interesting. Of course if they did, they would likely not understand how that applies to a daily setup or how the volumes of each chamber can drastically alter the response curve.
  6. pro-rabbit

    wtb 2000+rms@1ohm amp under 300$

    I have a very lightly used BC2000D sitting around.
  7. pro-rabbit

    Permit To Play Music LOUD!?!?

    It is different for each state, county, and city. Most of those permits are good for a time frame. Like a single date and a limited window of time. They also have the right to revoke that permit at any time.
  8. pro-rabbit

    Clarion NX702

  9. pro-rabbit

    What would you do?

    Did a few of these cars over the years. If anyone ever ends up with a 3000 or stealth, the loudest we achieved while maintaining good sound was with 2 10" drivers in a 4th order setup. Using a down firing enclosure for the rear port chamber and sealing it to the floor for the front sealed chamber.
  10. pro-rabbit

    Clarion NX702

    Local buyer did not come through it seems. So this is still available at this time.
  11. pro-rabbit

    Clarion NX702

    No thanks. As for the stereo, it is pending local sale currently.
  12. The saddest part of this thread is that the "race to zero" is never more prevalent then in this post. It is blatantly obvious that the new generation(s) are simply not interested in understanding anything past the price tag. This does not apply to just audio though. It goes for everything..I do mean everything. It makes me wonder what living conditions and such will be like in 20 years. As this infection invades other areas of business and marketing it will become rather horrible to everything we buy on the same race to zero. Nothing will have value or any kind of worth. As for the audio side, we focus far more on high end installations. We are one of the premier installation shops in the state. So we use this to our advantage. Do we get the kids wanting $500 systems? Nope, not really. We get the show cars, exotics, and athletes. Since those guys have either value the work we do or simply have the capital to pay for it, we focus on them. We still work with the every day clients all the time, we simply do not base our business on them though. Their inconsistent nature and lack of funds make it a faulty business model to base any expected profit from those clients. Same as our online clients(enclosure builds). We do it for them(contrary to popular belief in some cases)..not for the funds as there is almost nothing left after all over head is paid.
  13. pro-rabbit

    Clarion NX702 owners

    That is pretty hard to answer if you are gauging how to set your own. We sold the NX702 as a dealer until a few months back when we moved away from Clarion. That is a great unit with exception possibilities for settings. Most of our installs netted very different settings for each application though.
  14. pro-rabbit

    2013 in Oklahoma

    Naw, they/we just talk on FB more then on forums.
  15. pro-rabbit

    Clarion NX702

    $550 shipped