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    im probably the coolest guy i know.. seriouslly..just ask me i will tell you :)
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  1. is this possible since the car has a lever like switch on the floor of the car? I'm not sure if there is any type of wiring involved in these type of fuel door releases ...or is it just a cable that the lever pulls?
  2. yeah its fat32 already so its all good in that aspect already. going to give it a try... its only 200gb on there now but if it works I will fill it up all the way
  3. i have a bunch of flash drives that I already use, I have an external harddrive already loaded with music that I use I was just curious as to the results people have gotten using a HD instead of ipods, flash drives, and all that. I would use a inverter to power the HD and not be relying on USB to power it. Anybody know of a way to use some type of emulator of an ipod on the harddrive and trick the headunit or do you not think this is possible? As far as buying an ipod I would rather not buy anything like that I'm just trying to use thinigs I have
  4. few questions about external HD and pioneer usb compatible HU's because I am kind of interested in trying this since I have a huge external HD filled with MP3s. I would like to put an external HD in my car pretty much permanently to use as I do 16gb flash drives now. First off, has anybody done this and had luck using Pioneer source units? If so, how fast was it able to read from the HD? Was it about as fast as a flash drive...or slower? Next question is I've seen Ipod emulators for PCs on the internet, I wonder if you installed something like this on the external HD if a Pioneer unit would possibly read the HD as an IPod? Would be great if it did and allowed you to use the built in Ipod control features. I have other questions concerning this idea but this is sufficient for now. Any info on this would be great and anything you might have to add or know that I didnt ask would be great to know also. Sorry for the post being so long but I am really interested in seeing this work.
  5. jtomsic

    FI/RE XXX 15" dual 1

    did you change the terminals by the way 2005s have the allen key terminals
  6. jtomsic

    FI/RE XXX 15" dual 1

    hmm if i could find a xxx dustcap for this i would prob buy it from you... anybody know if RE will sell jsst xxx dustcaps ... be hard to prob fit 3 15" xxx's in my tc tho lol
  7. jtomsic

    Any Pa Members?

    i worked in pottsville on that market st... you know where the aaron rents is on it? theres like a hot dog shoppe beside it... i did all the flooring in the aarons a few years back..we are about to redo the lebanon, pa store here in a few weeks actually.
  8. jtomsic

    Any Pa Members?

    [quote name='neogen']@jtomsic @TeamProdigyMike we should see what it would take to get a full on event at the Wash Fairgrounds.[/QUOTE] yeah, that would be awesome i live like 1/2 mile from the fairgrounds so that would be insane, if your in washington you should hit me up sometime and get some demos in each others car, [quote name='ewadz3006']That would be cool. Wifey is from bridgeville, that would make for a nice weekend trip. Is there any decent shops down there with nice showrooms?[/QUOTE] next time your coming down to bridgeville bro hit me up for same thing i like to hear what other people have theres actually quite a few members from pittsburgh area on here.. i bet almost 10 that i can think of
  9. jtomsic

    Box for 05 RE XXX

    yeah my one 15"xxx box was exactly what ram said...cause he designed it... it was nice too
  10. unfortunately, i travel the parkway daily and its always backed up goin through fort pitt lol, just glad i dont live east of the city squirrel hill tunnels are the worst... do you goto any shows around this area?
  11. ah ur farther than 45mins from the city then bro lol. im 16 mins outside of it and im only like 15 miles...beaver falls is almost an hour away from pittsburgh, i work with few guys from there.
  12. where at bro? im right in washington, pa, right by ohio/wv line your prob really close to me ..40 mins from the city u gotta be near stuebenville or something
  13. jtomsic

    confused.. popped fuse

    it got dark out unfortunately and i cant see a thing what should the ohms be to be good when i check in morning?
  14. jtomsic

    confused.. popped fuse

    no im correct as far as that goes im confused ive checked over everything twice was really hoping its something stupid i was missing lol. might have to send the amp back i suppose.
  15. jtomsic

    confused.. popped fuse

    no brand new. you think its the amp huh?