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  1. helotaxi

    Proper Polyfill Usage

    Some people don't understand the difference between polyfil and batting and when to use each.
  2. I use uncut Simple Green for stripping paint off parts. Works great.
  3. helotaxi

    What Screws For My Box

    Sink the Hurricane nuts into their holes and then use a Dremel with a grinding bit to shave the flange.
  4. helotaxi

    Connecting Two Lengths of 0/1?

    Not an appreciable amount. Goes alot quicker when you use the right tool, like a torch. The best way is to quit being cheap and buy the right length of wire.
  5. helotaxi

    anyone still running SI subs

    Use protection...
  6. helotaxi

    What Screws For My Box

    Get a machine type screw and use these. Much better than any screw that has to bite into the wood.
  7. helotaxi

    A few questions about SQ build.

  8. helotaxi

    RCA/Signal cable question

    A shielded RCA is surrounded by "ground" in all directions.
  9. helotaxi

    Need two 8 inch subs for midbass, recommendations?

    The Sundowns were built to be midbasses, not midranges. They're based on pro drivers but were tweaked for the car to work optimally in and IB config and to provide good midbass. Gave up a bit of efficiency to make this happen.
  10. helotaxi

    SEALED vs PORTED (basic info.)

    The 45s in the corners are more geared toward high power, high SPL setups where anything that can be done to eliminate turbulence might increase SPL. Not to an audible degree, but 0.1dB can be the difference between 1st and 1st place loser. In you case, won't make a bit of difference.
  11. helotaxi

    RCA/Signal cable question

    You had something going on there other than interference from the wireless signal. There is a ton of RF energy from cell phones coursing through your car all the time, whether your phone is ringing or not.
  12. helotaxi

    What's the deal with "True RMS?"

    An RMS meter actually uses sampling to determine the RMS voltage instead of taking the peak and multiplying by .707. This accounts for different waveforms.
  13. helotaxi

    anyone still running SI subs

    Odd. I have a pair of them in my garage right now. I guess I'm imagining that.
  14. helotaxi

    anyone still running SI subs

    Yep. Those are them. They're going under the rear seat in my F-150 SuperCrew.