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  1. Going to attempt my first stereo cooler, looking for some dirt cheap 5 1/4 speakers. Found new ones online for $30 but if i can get them cheaper than that, i'll be happy. If you have ANYTHING. Let me know. Shipping zip is 29073
  2. wErd

    sony CDX-GT56UIW

    Hey man if you still have this, i'll take it. PM me
  3. Sorry. I meant cheap as in price, not in quality
  4. let me know when you can
  5. I'll keep it in mind. EDIT: Id also consider some dope cassette tapes. Too Short, Biggie, Pac etc....
  6. looking for something that works. preferably older alpine or pioneers. just going in the beater car. the cheaper the better. LMK what you have shipped to 29072
  7. I don't know much about guts. But I lold when I saw that
  8. When someone offers me a trade hyping their stuff up, my favorite line to say is "I'm trying to upgrade, not downgrade" then they get al defensive about their polk audio 10s
  9. wErd

    Some of the best SQ subs ever made..?

    Should've bought my RL-P. Noob.
  10. wErd

    WTB Big 3 kit

    Do you know what length wires you need?