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  1. IA2

    21" incriminator basket

    Whoops I forgot to clear sent messages try now
  2. IA2

    21" incriminator basket

    I'm sorry, its clear now
  3. This is Josh, but give us a call and nick would be glad to help you...256-417-6658
  4. IA2

    Looking for components, ID or IA?

    No that's not me man, but I promise you will not be disappointed!!
  5. IA2

    21" incriminator basket

    just an FYI, the bolt pattern is not the same as the 12 spoke or 4/6 spoke basket everybody is accustomed to......
  6. dang what a deal! somebody should eat these things up!
  7. IA2

    Looking for components, ID or IA?

    Im not going to knock the ID's because I am sure they are a nice component set. However, your statement about the IA's is totally wrong. They actually sound very sweet and smooth, and were not designed just to be loud and sound ok. Like has been mentioned, the tweeter is relatively bright, but that is more of a statement to personal taste, as an eq can adjust it to sound how you want it. There are a few songs in my truck that have literally brought tears to my eyes because they sounded so good on my I series components (2 sets up front powered by an IA6.4)......just food for thought....carry on
  8. IA2

    New IA Death Penalty 12

    Think so? Heres a warden with version 1 of that cooling.... Same sub 5 min before the other video
  9. IA2

    Incriminator Audio

    Im just going to warn you in case you didnt already see it when you ordered. Lead times were extended up to 2 extra weeks because of the sale. We are building subs as fast as possible, but we got absolutely swamped with the great response to the sale. We appreciate your patience and thank you for your business!
  10. IA2

    Incriminator Audio

    We have only had a handfull of subs break because of glue joints, and have fixed every one of them for free unless it was because of obvious abuse. As long as they are under warranty, give us a call and we will be glad to help you out. It is VERY rare that we get a sub back for a glue joint failure.
  11. IA2

    Over 7k In car audio give away!

    There's still time to enter! Check out our website and facebook for more updates and details
  12. IA2

    Incriminator Audio I series 6.5 coax

    I know I have a biased opinion, but I've listened to many many entry level component sets when we were designing these, and they are by far the loudest and best sounding of the group. I have 2 sets in each door of my Titan, and powered by our IA6.4, they are so clear and loud its ridiculous.
  13. IA2

    Warden daily?

    Best post of the thread right here guys.....not trying to get into the debate of which is better, but if youve never heard a Warden in person, dont just assume it wont work for daily...you will be surprised
  14. IA2

    RE SEx12 vs IA Lethal Injection 12

    You are going to be much better off with all 4 in the same style box, be it sealed or ported. With you being new to all this especially, I would try and make this fairly simple, so if you have problems arise, you will have an easier time figuring out what happened. I've never heard of anyone doing what you are talking about, and I'm sure there is a good reason for that...lol
  15. IA2

    RE SEx12 vs IA Lethal Injection 12

    The LI will work great in a sealed box....ive heard tons of them (literally..lol) and I am still impressed every time. As far as which sub is better? You get what you pay for...and if you have seen the other brand cut apart like I have, you would have no question in your mind which one to get.