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  1. ssj2xxgotenxx

    wasted ink's RE build

    Looks like some passionate work.
  2. A very well constructed enclosure.
  3. Everyone here needs to learn how to read. The OP specifically ask how to calculate a capacitors efficiency, not your opinion on whether capacitors work. I'm sure there is someone smart enough to tell us.
  4. ssj2xxgotenxx

    I'm inFInitely Baffled.

    That new door setup is looking crazy James. Quite the carpenter if I may say so.
  5. ssj2xxgotenxx

    2008 Honda Civic Hybrid Install

    Where in my statement did I say you couldn't afford it? I get the feeling you're trying to prove to us that you're wealthy, but you don't know the true definition of wealth is. There are people in the world who don't have a single car and you have 8! Something wrong with that picture? If you were truly wealthy, you'd only have one car and donate all that money that you seemly, "don't need" and give it some people who really need it.
  6. ssj2xxgotenxx

    My doors piss me off. (pics)

    Is your car a daily driver? If so, I would repair the damage to prevent any rusting from further deteriorating your doors. Take the time to properly deaden your doors (I mean OVERKILL), and keep the volumes down until you do so. It's pretty simple, but it takes work and hard work pays off.
  7. ssj2xxgotenxx

    2008 Honda Civic Hybrid Install

    low00ranger, jamesbang, and bigbangtheory are the only people I respect in this thread, and they did so without even showing me a single material possession they owned. What is the real message your trying to come across by showing us all your fancy cars? Only thing you told me thus far about your personality is you're illogical, uneducated, and wreckless with your money. You really want to know what an automotive enthusiast is? An automotive enthusiast is someone who values the time in the garage more so than the parts that go into the car. One who takes pride in understanding the theory of cars and the hard work that goes into building a one off piece. I've always believed in the concept of quality vs. quantity, and you sir, without a doubt are a person who believes in quantity. Function over form, but I suppose you wouldn't know anything about that either or you wouldn't be buying heavy cast wheels on ebay. I bet you couldn't even tell me why this is a bad thing now would you?
  8. ssj2xxgotenxx

    Integra Build

    Nice equipment. Good luck sir.
  9. ssj2xxgotenxx

    f*cked up tint...

    they should repair it.
  10. Installation is nice, although the yellow theme is a bit much. The amp rack is nice, but it doesn't flow well. What is the point in leaving 3 inches of trunk space? mind as well extend the amp rack for a more seamless installation.
  11. ssj2xxgotenxx

    New System... Thoughts?

    **** 6spdcoupe, good shit!
  12. Pioneerpimp, you sir are truly a pimp. Betty hurry up and get some updates. Good luck.
  13. ssj2xxgotenxx

    Home made fuse holder I made... pics.

    Good work on choosing the equipment, installation, and fabrication!
  14. ssj2xxgotenxx

    How to clean\polish rims. Ver. 1.0

    I have a 10" rotary buffer for waxing etc... Think that'll work?
  15. ssj2xxgotenxx

    Video on how to install auto insulation

    A very well made video. Compliments to the host who explains everything in a very clear and easy to understand manner.