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  1. Dude, the ad is 8 years old.....
  2. foreman

    1 12W7AE Vs 2 Fosgate T1 12s

    And those RF subs have hardly any XMAX compared to the JL. You do get more cone surface though...
  3. foreman

    Qsd 213 ochrastra mode

    Yes, post whore trying to up his count,.....
  4. I know you said no...but if you decide to ship, i'll take it. Zip is 14546 in case you change. Just let me know the total.
  5. foreman

    SB Acoustics Sb17mfc35-4 6” Mids

    Free bump Mike. I wish i had the free cash, i'm outfitting my daughters car and these would be perfect.
  6. Looking for any trades? I miss my old set. Thanks!
  7. foreman

    Alpine SPX Pro Tweeters

    Judging by the pics, yes they are the ebay ones.
  8. foreman

    Alpine type X

    Picked up a used Type x 12 from a friend, and it looks like one coil is bad. One works. Does anyone recone them? Is it worth doing anything with? Thanks!