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  1. TPABlazer

    Final setup pictures

    Is there enough airflow for that amp? Not to bo overly critical or anything, but why didnt you just run down to walmart and buy grey carpet before you put everything in?
  2. They will. I ship flammable liquids often.
  3. TPABlazer

    1000/1 v2

    My understanding is that it basically tells you how to incorporate and then set up accounts with JL to sell thier stuff.
  4. TPABlazer

    new car/ gonna try some SQ

    I think the IB 8's will leave you wanting more.
  5. The mid is probably reaching it's mechanical limits. I would say either turn the gain down or cross them over higher. AS far as the sub, No clue. Check the HU settings etc
  6. You have to be sure to do that before you lay resin down, because otherwise, youre already too late. Unless you are going to adjust the port length after you glass then it's pretty much a guessing game.
  7. You could always get creative, and use some tin or aluminum flashing, and deaden it. Rivet it into place on the doors, not over the skin, just enough to fill the holes. It looks like your mid is just floating there, regardless how solid that mount is, its not going to sound as good as a properly sealed door
  8. What do you have to separate the front and rear of the speaker? Fromt he pics, it looks like you put the deadener in, put the weather gasket in, and then put the speaker bracket on. If you isolated the front and rear of the speaker in the door, you'd probably get a much better response.
  9. I used some of that roof sealant from lowes in my ranger, it's not really that great. Doesnt stick that well, didnt hold up on vertical surfaces for me really at all.
  10. TPABlazer

    caribbean poker for free

  11. TPABlazer

    1995 Ford Explorer install log

    blue / white one. Power antenna will mean your music turns off when you arent listening to the radio.
  12. TPABlazer

    Ford Excursion Door Panels

    Any tips on getting that grille to be such a perfect fit?
  13. TPABlazer

    Fiberglass ?'s

    I use matte, since the random direction and thickness over cloth seems to work better for strength, however this is just the home depot stuff. Cloth does finish better, so I like to use it for the last layer.
  14. TPABlazer

    Gain maxxed out.

    Did anything happen in this thread?
  15. TPABlazer

    anyone lives in sothwest florida or close

    Well, I dont like the idea of mounting a mid to the door panel, I dont feel that it is sturdy enough. Is the grille removable now?