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  1. audioholic

    Xbl^2 motor

    Thanks. Life got in the way. I might get back heavy into car audio again some day. Im selling/sold most of my stuff at this point.
  2. audioholic

    Xbl^2 motor

    Glad to help the discussion. Cheers.
  3. audioholic

    Xbl^2 motor

    Yep, the 05 was the only year with the concave dustcap and newer style logo.
  4. audioholic

    Xbl^2 motor

    72 pounds was the official weight listed for theses drivers, again if my memory serves me correctly. But yes, they were/are 3" coils.
  5. audioholic

    Xbl^2 motor

    These are pics of an 03 XXX I found in my personal pic collection...
  6. audioholic

    Xbl^2 motor

    This is an 04 iirc...
  7. audioholic

    Xbl^2 motor

    Here you go.
  8. audioholic

    Xbl^2 motor

    The pic in my avatar is an 05 (which I drew in CAD from measurements of my speakers). But iirc the earlier versions had a flat back plate. I may be wrong on that, but Im pretty sure at least the 03 version was flat.
  9. audioholic

    Xbl^2 motor

    Not sure where you are getting your information, but the 2003-2005 RE XXX's were xbl^2, they paid Wiggins for the rights to use it. I know because I own two 05 XXX's.