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  1. PeaveyBassist

    My new sub project

    Looks like a 2000 Galant if you ask me... Will
  2. PeaveyBassist

    Really "SSssssssy" tweeters

    Try moving them down into the kicks and making them more off axis. That should help a little. Either that or see if you can turn down 8kHz or 10kHz on an EQ in the HU or something. 8kHz - 10kHz is where sibilance comes from Will
  3. PeaveyBassist

    Really "SSssssssy" tweeters

    My dad had an '01 neon. I know that the stock tweets are way sibilant. Maybe its more of a tweet location/aiming thing? Will
  4. PeaveyBassist

    What the H3LL

    Did you try a different sub with the same headunit/amp combo? Change one thing at a time. If the symptom doesnt change, then what you just swapped out wasnt the problem. Replace the original item and go from item to item one at a time until the symptom goes away. When it goes away, this is your problem source Will
  5. PeaveyBassist

    Figuring out ohm loads

    The Punch Z 8 ohm subs will be taking the majority of the power anyways compared to the 12ohm JL 12". Like I said in the previous post. Sell all of those and buy a single 2ohm/4ohm 12" and youll hear lots better results. Will
  6. PeaveyBassist

    Figuring out ohm loads

    Dont hook up subs that are different models/sizes. You will get LOADS of cancellation. Those 8's will be of NO importance at all. It will sound like total crap. Thats all I can tell ya. They will play the frequencies different and any SQ you would have had will be totally down the pooper. I would sell all of those and get a single 4 ohm/2 ohm 12". It will sound LOTS better. Will
  7. PeaveyBassist

    04 Avalanche

    2 10k's would be kickBOOTY.....as for a box...contact Phil at woodlawn cabinetry. http://www.woodlawncabinetry.com He will work with ya to get a hella nice box that will do whatever you want. Will
  8. PeaveyBassist

    Outter diameter for the Magnum D2

    He said outer diameter. Not cutout hole. Which did ya mean? Cutout hole in box - 11.125 ^^what he said Outer Diameter of mounting flane is probably 12.5" Will
  9. PeaveyBassist

    custom box

    I build in Indiana and ship to Phoenix. lol. I capitalize your city's name. I win. Will
  10. PeaveyBassist

    Acrylic Sheeting

    http://www.mcmaster.com/ Search for 'plexiglass' Not too expensive I dont think. Will
  11. PeaveyBassist

    price of a w7

    I saw one on Ebay for sale and part of the w7 "cone" was torn and you could see the rest. I believe there was a dustcap in the center of the REAL cone under there too. I think it is a good buy. If you are really worried, I would call JL and ask them about it. Will
  12. PeaveyBassist

    price of a w7

    I believe that the "cone" part that has the W7 logo on it actually is not the real cone. I believe that it just covers the REAL cone under that. The sleek looking one on top is just there to make it look pretty. I dont think it will affect performance if this is true. Someone correct me if I am wrong. Will
  13. PeaveyBassist

    Help building a sub box

    Dont forget to factor in driver and port displacement Will
  14. I dont know of any....but I am building a ported box right now for a Client in Louisville, KY. If you want I can take lots of pictures and make a little "tutorial" thing for you. Any specific things you need to know? Will
  15. PeaveyBassist

    Plexi amp window

    That was very informative Thanks!!! The window for the amp is only gonna be like....25" x 8" or so...so the plexi shouldnt cost too much money. And I should be able to make the floor out of one sheet of 4' x 4' Birch Plywood, and the box in the back of the trunk out of 3/4" MDF. so I dont think it will cost too terribly much considering all that I am doing. I just want a clean, nice looking install that is just "somewhat" flashy. Not too 'out there' but nice enough to impress people with my fabrication skills I hope that makes sense...lol. I have a rotozip that I can make go only 1/4" into the 3/4" plywood floor to make sure the plexi is flush. Then I should be able to carpet over the screws and stuff that I might mount it with. Prolly gonna go with the doublesided tape way though. My amp is a Hifonics Zeus 5 channel and I am only using 3 channels (channel 1, 2, and 5) but it still gets fairly hot (as do most Hifonics as I have heard) so I will be putting in 4 fans to cool it I already have 1 fan and it keeps it a little cooler than normal so I think 4 should keep it nice and cold. Only thing I dont have planned out so far is the plexi window (in planning process ) and the floor/box. Any more suggestions? Will